January 25, 2008

[cheap] Beer Lad Goes a Datin

I wanna preface this post by saying that I'm aware that blogging about dates I've been on is kinda creepy and probably a more public cousin to the yentaring that I'm assuming goes on after a girl returns home from a date.

I'll do my best to disguise people and protect the innocent. If things go horribly wrong, I probably won't write about it, unless some sort of hilarity ensued. I'd probably shit bricks if I knew someone was doing this about me…oh wait, strike that…that’s already happened.

Now, to contradict everything I just wrote, here's a brief rundown of my date last night. I met up with this girl (I'm the suck when it comes to nicknames, so until I come up with a better system, all dates will be referred to as: my date, this girl, the date, her, this broad, etc, etc) at Sugar Mom's because we both agreed that a good jukebox and pinball would probably make for a nice evening.

Without revealing too much, she works in a creative field, is very cute, interesting and funny…kind of a rote description, but applicable nonetheless.

So since this is a food/beer blog, I should probably get around to all that foofarah. I had pre-lubricated with a glass of 2006 vintage Yellow Tail Shiraz, classy, classy. I drank Brooklyn Weisse at the bar…a move Suzy scolded me for since it's apparently a summer beer, I have so much to learn. She drank a mixed drink of some sort. We weren't planning on eating, but we saw a basket of fries that looked absolutely delectable (I'm still working on honing my flowery food writing skills). While we were both disappointed there wasn't any vinegar to drown the fries in, we were generally pleased with the crispy spears of starchy goodness.

We finished up the night with some Lord of the Rings themed pinball - she kicked my ass - and some hugs from a mildly deranged man who spent most of the night screaming in the bar. I think the date went well, conversation flowed pretty well and the only awkward moment was when I completely bombed on the “kiss, kiss” hello. I should have known it was coming, but I still handled it like a rube, pulling out of the hug before the second kiss. Overall, it was an A+++++ experience. Would date again.

(addendum 1: while a good date is great for me, it ain't exactly an engrossing read. I think I'm gonna have to start asking out some of the nutters I've seen floating around the webs.)
(addnedum 2: I'm not taking my camera on dates because that would be utterly douchechill inducing "hey, hold up your beer and smile so I can blog about you later, k?". As such, I'll try to put some applicable creative commons - piss on all of you who reserve all rights - pics from flickr in to gussy up my posts. The pic above of Sugar Mom's is courtesy of Dylan.)

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