January 23, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman..I present to you CHEAP BEER LAD

So once upon a time I was 18...a freshman in college...(never had a beer- if you can believe it.)

It was orientation day and I was waiting for my favorite penn stater, Jamie Perry of Human Resources, when I saw this lad G in the Lobby.  
 We didn't get to be friends for quite some time after....I had to get over my crush first...but then we became pretty tight and remain so ten  years later.
Actually, at some point during that time, we thought for a second, the pendulum might swing in favor of romance...but it was brief...like I said, a second.
Afterwards G was in a relationship for the majority of that time...but after seven years-recently called it quits with his long term lugubrious lady.  (good thing- she drank miller lite).
He has now dove head first into the tumultuous dating scene.  
The scenes where these dates take place are mostly bars and restaurants... so of course food and beverage play a major role.
I thought it would be fun to have him guest blog on his time out there.
He'll blog under the name of Cheap beer lad.  Cheap beer lad will be pretty honest for better or for worse. he's also a pretty talented writer...so stay tuned.

For right now there's a distorted pixelated picture of a mystery man...in time, the cheap beer lad will reveal himself....

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