January 28, 2008

"lucky" me

Now that I've got my guest blogger, cheap beer lad, talking about his dating misadventures, it made me sit back and take a look at my own love life. And of course- reflect on past princes turned frogs.

Despite my Head Cold, my too long to do list, my heartburn, and everything else, I still managed a smile or two today as I reflect on my last year with Lance.

This weekend marked our one year anniversary.
He had his big event on Saturday...then went straight to Connecticut for his mom's 60th...so we haven't gotten to celebrate just yet.

I didn't really want to date a brewer...But hanging around in bars all the time,I was mostly meeting bartenders and bar managers.
I'll just simply say, brewers lead much healthier lifestyles.

Lance and I dated for about two months before we "went public."
It was kind of fun.
I remember it was Valentines Day and we were out with all our friends at the Good Dog, he left early and I had to play it cool and be like,
"See you lance." More like see you in an hour...

Throughout the year he has put up with my awful driving, countless parking tickets, occasional tardiness...(like when I tell him I will be at the flying pig at 5 and get there at 6:15.)

I have only made him one official dinner...and He still teases me that he actually made it. Yeah right....
The guy just grilled up the lamb that I marinated while I sauteed scallops. Big deal.
I also made him blueberry cobbler from scratch.
He's made me grilled cheese and tomato soup and I think that's it.

I also didn't think I would ever date a guy with hair as long as mine.
This is still a little weird.
Even weirder when he decides to do funky things with his facial hair.

Lucky, lucky me.

10 Things you might not know about him
-He's goes cocoa for cocoa puffs...well, not really but he loves anything sweet.
- He owns "waiting to exhale" The drama starring angela basset and whitney houston
-He loves bourbon
-He pairs beer with food as often as he can
-He loves bouldering
-He once rode his bike across the country
-He has two pets, larry and bear
-He got a green subaru because he tries to be like me
-He loves Neil Young and is bummed he didn't get to see him at the Tower in Dec.
-He once sang along to Chicago's "saturday in the Park" at a piano lounge.

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