January 31, 2008

The mother of all that's tasty and skillfully terrific- Lance and I head to UMAI UMAI

If you google the meaning of "Umai"
you get----
1) "Mother" in Arabic
2)"Absolutely terrific" (random rant---when did EVERYONE start saying absolutely after EVERYTHING??? At first I just thought it was the sassy m.y.l.f. I used to work with...and whatever she said sounded great..so even I adopted it...but now it's two years later and the majority of people I encounter throughout the day are anwering every other question..with ab-so-lutely! ENOUGH. I am even talking to myself as I type this.)
3) "skillfull"
4) "tasty"

Umai Umai entered city stage north (of spring garden) last April
(22nd and green).
Lance had a coupon forever or at least two months. But that's still a long time to hold onto a coupon. He's getting ready for senior citizenhood already.

Umai was an option for his birthday...we opted out and went for southwark instead (one of city's best restaurants... according to me....still trying to not lose sleep as to how this beauty was overlooked on PhiladelphiaMagazines 's top 50 restaurants list.)
We could get $10 of is we spent $50 or more.
It's a BYO as well. But what B would we bring?
Wine. Not with sushi.
what beer? Lance was think a wit or weisse of some sort...then I had a "eureka moment!"

I remembered I had a brunch gathering for New Years and my buddy Steve "mittens" Mashington and his lady friend Marissa arrived with a Moet Chandon white star magnum. We never opened it...and I had it sit in my fridge for a few weeks when I decided it would be the ideal beverage accompaniment for sushi.

Ideal turned into perfect.
There were two dishes that shared the spotlight that night.
(entrees were good, but anything would have been second best to the first courses)
First was the beef carpaccio...then. THEN the Godzilla roll.

If Godzilla is the king of all monsters, than this Sushi haunt, has appropriately named their Roll featuring Crab tempura, eel and avacado with sliced strawberries, drizzled with honey and topped with crushed macadamia nuts.

For entrees...I chose scallops...

And Lance- the Tuna.. (he often orders tuna)

Last April, Philadelphia weekly referred to the faimount restaurant as delivering a "cornucopia of flavor and texture." I second that.

Desserts...we could have gone without. Should have waited for that yummy hazlenut cake they sometimes have at the Belgian Cafe one block over.

We were one of two couples left in the restaurant nearing 10:00. My former boss of the Royal, Stephen Simons was in their prior. He recommended the carpaccio too.
The other couple was a match.com date.
It was awful.
but awfully funny to witness.
The woman was attractive, but SO damn loud. If craig laban was there reviewing them...he may have taken a bell off just for her presence.
She asked him how long he had been on match, and he said two years.
They talked about the concept of love and whether or not he would ever get back together with his high school sweetheart. Which is borderline crazy talk because they were not a day under 30. Trust me from experience, that stuff only happens when you're 22.

Lance and I chuckled to ourselves...We then realized we had one more coupon left!
It was for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.
We debated whether or not to give it to them..then we thought it might break up their dissection of love conversation.

They thought we were crazy (or that I was crazy because Lance made me give it to them) but they took it...and we think they used it.

We made our way through our fairmount favorites.
all but the local dive bar Krupas.
I'm saving that for our anniversary pub crawl.

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  1. Hey Beer Lass,

    Never tried Umai even though it's in my neighborhood, but love love love Krupa's bar!