January 10, 2008

"Taking it Easy"

Last Friday, Lance and I were supposed to "take it easy" because we knew we had a full agenda on Saturday.
Taking it easy in our world goes something like this...

1)Have a beer with your best friend from high school in Lansdale. I was calling on accounts in Montgomery county and she was finally home from Belgium after 6 months, so we decided to meet for a beer. We had met at Cravings Cafe in North Wales. They had a decent selection. No Sly Fox on this visit. We are in rotation. But it looks like Gretz has them pretty satisfied via radio advertising (this comes straight from the bartenders mouth). I left samples and sales information but not before I had The grilled cheese and pear with applewood smoked bacon. That definitely had me satisfied. The bar was nice. I enjoyed the vintage can collection on the wall. (can day is January 24th...how are you going to celebrate???)
I couldn't get too cozy I had to be in Malvern by five. But
Five was actually sixish.
Lance waited for me at the Flying Pig. And we were off to the city.

2)My friend Steve O was playing at Cascamorto piano lounge for Friday happy hour. They might just have the worst beer selection in the city, but they are always welcoming when we come in, and seeing steve play is almost worth the vodka hangover.
He does this hysterical version of "pass the dutchie" and does a pretty good Biz Markee too.
We've been there enough that we actually got a round comped this time.
That was nice, however it wasn't too nice that they charged my friend $5 twice for a ginger ale. Marianne could have had herself two 2 liter bottles and a cowtail for that price- maybe even 3.

3)Then we go to the Cherry St Tavern, drink a Sly Fox O'Reilly's stout.
4)Then off to the Belgian Cafe.
I had a Petrus oud bruin, Lance opted for a Monks Flemish sour. We leave after a beer, make it about ten feet up the sidewalk, and decide that "we're not done yet." Ten feet retracted, we arrive back at the Belgian cafe. Continuing to "take it easy."
We head to the drafting room in Exton the next day for One final Victory for Heavyweight event. I was a huge fan of the Perkunos Hammer and was really looking forward to drinking the old and the new Baltic Thunder. We got there much later than would have liked, but found some friends in the crowd. Sly Fox Phoenixville fav, Dan Bengel and his entourage had secured a table in the dining room. I chatted with them for a while. Just long enough for him to harass me about my parking tickets.
I enjoyed the Lunacy and the Victory Fresh Hopped Harvest Ale the most. The descript on the Harvest said the hops are plucked off the vines in upstate New York. It was delicious.
I was finally ready for some food around 4:30. I had some crab corn chowder and beer fondue. The chowder was decent but too much of a spice that reminded me of my dad's cooking. Not sure if it was thyme or oregano. But I bet, if I called my pops up and told him to make me dinner, the dish would have one of those two in it.
The fondue was good. I liked the rye and pumpernickel bread cubes for dipping. LOVE me some pumpernickel.
Did you know that pumpernickel literally translates to "farting bastard."
I went through this phase about 6 years ago.
No, not a farting bastard phase- but an etymology phase. I bought this book, Jesse's word of the day....and Jesse taught me that to pumper is to "fart" and that a nickel is a "bastard." Interesting...

The event was well attended, and a good time was had by all. We were off to the Tin Angel to take in Nicole Reynolds. Lance had been talking her up a bit, so I finally had to ask him, "is she hot?" And he replied that she looked like a little boy. Then- probably not so hot. i asked him what she sounded like, and he said, "she sounds like a little girl." So I didn't know how geared up I was for the show....but I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't have a huge range..so a lot of songs sounded alike. But I enjoyed her regardless. She sang one song with her girlfriend. It was cute. And she was cute, in a little boyish way.
She looks kinda like this...

Yawny yawn. yawn. yawn.
Time to get some shut eye.

Coming soon-=-=
My time in Mount Holly, Race St. cafe's Bread Pudding, Philly BEER week, potential hashing and a potential disclaimer.


  1. I know that Mr. Berger is quite a fine fellow but that ain't me. And harass is such a strong word all though the right one.

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