February 18, 2008

Beer and Cheese are sure to please

Don't have much time, but here goes my recap on beer club last week.....

My course of action or resolution, decided on the year's first, was to make beer club a more educational experience for all in attendance.

I have kept to that the last three meetings-=-=

1) Cask Conditioned ale- meeting at Standard Tap- where ladies could drink cask ale (there was a bit more socializing then anything else- but at least they had the experience if they hadn't tried cask ale before)

2)Three course food pairing at South Philly Tap Room
(including Maudite, Odyssey IPA, and Southern Tier Choklat)

3) Beer and Cheese evening at Vintage
(which was supposed to be co-hosted by a cheesemonger/ brewer)

All events have had a great turnout...so I see my resolution is in line with the ladies desire of what they want to get out of meetings.

Vintage was great despite a cancellation from our co-host (he had the flu).
I created print outs of pairing recommendations that the ladies seemed to appreciate.

Vintage is mostly known for their wine...they have interesting beer offerings as well...the two that paired up best were the Atomium ($7) and the St. Bernardus 12 --$11- just a bit pricey ;(.
They also just put Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale on tap.
We ordered a few cheese plates, a brie puff and halibut cheeks with a duet of coconut and asparagus sauces. I also enjoyed som

We also had a surprise guest from Origlio beverage craft beer division- that came as a "monger alternate."

Craft Beer specialist, Jim Wiggins, admitted that he wouldn't have the knowledge Patrick would have- but he would be willing to talk on the subject.

I'm on to him though, and I think he might just have had an ulterior motive.

Perhaps he wanted to be in the company of 15 beer chicks for the night. Maybe find himself a last minute valentine. He was diggin' on one of the ladies as much as she was diggin' on the beer:)

Regardless of his motivations- he was a welcome addition to the evening- going so far as to review the beer specials with us that night.
I was also able to chat with Jason Evanchik- Vintage's proud papa and he shared some news on his second "child" with me.

Taking over Ludwigs Biergarten ---"TIME" will be open within the next month.
The left hand side will be mostly high tops for steaks and such.
Jason plans to have live jazz in there even during happy hour. There aren't too many places in Philly doing this right now, and I think it's a welcome concept.

The right hand side will be a pub scene.
They will focus on whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and other browns --not to forget beer of course.
16 taps. New system!

So why "Time?"

Him and his lovely wife Dephine were throwing ideas around.
They started talking about different areas of the world, and traveling -which led them to "compass."
Then they started fooling around with logos that were likened to a clock.
That led them to think about the concept of time, and making time.

"Time to relax, time to eat, time to drink, time for one more"

I'm glad I asked him.

I think they have done a wonderful job with Vintage, and look forward to opening.

t i m e ' s u p.

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