February 14, 2008

[cheap] Beer Lad is in Love

Well, it's Valentine's Day. Whoopty woo. I would like to go off on a surly tangent here about how much Valentines sucks and all that nonsense, but I'm sure superior wits such as Dave Barry and his ilk have already beaten the subject to death with their saccharine deconstructions of modern life. So I won't waste your time.

As the headline to today's lil column states, your man is in love…not with a girl, with a restaurant: James. Seriously, I love this place. Even though it's completely decked out in West Elm furniture and furnishings (hey, I'm a bit fruity when it comes to furniture, so what?), they've managed to make all the dark leather and such really work. Plus, the fireplace pretty much rules.

more after the jumpMy date and I tried a few of the way overpriced signature drinks before dinner. She had the blue in green and I had the james-hattan. I usually don't go in for the manhattan/cosmo foofarah as it seems way too 2001 and Sex and the City-ish for me and I feel like I should be discussing my period and over-priced high heels…but the drink was decent, though as I said, overpriced and definitely not worth 12 bones.

After drinks in the lounge, we were guided to our table. We decided to split a bottle of wine because even though I know this is a beer-centric blog I seem determined to never drink a beer on any of my dates. I'll do something about this…promise…soon.


We decided to get two appetizers and split an entrée.

We ordered the scallop (that's right, it was a scallop. One. Not plural. It was just one huge scallop). One would think only getting one scallop would be a bit disappointing, but this thing was so good and pretty huge that it didn't really bother us that there was only one…our other appetizer was the "hand cut tagliatelle with duck ragu, shaved chocolate & orange" this was also pretty gd delicious.

I really need to start reading LaBan or watching more Rachel Ray so I can describe the way this stuff actually tasted in some meaningful way. Truth be told, though, I think I was pretty sauced by this point and probably wouldn't have remembered anyway.

Our entrée was the "jamison farm lamb, french green lentils, melted shallot & fall spice jus" again, I just have to say "nom, nom, nom" wow…so good. Ok, I was definitely drunk by the time this thing came out, but I remember it being very good (seriously, I used three "noms" just now).

I still have yet to come up with any sort of rating system, as I generally think rating systems are for stupid people who don't want to read. But, I'll give James four candy hearts and highly recommend.

Philafoodie has some pretty dope pictures of the food at James here. As I have yet to figure out an excuse for taking pictures of my food on dates, these will have to do. I would have posted them here, but dood is a lawyer and is reserving all rights...a squabble over fair use is the last thing I need right now.

I'd like to close by tooting my own horn a bit…I made some turkey chili the other night and I've got to tell you it's just about the best chili I've ever had in my life. Here's a picture of it:

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  1. Bravo, mysterious, blue-ink spotted out beer lad blogger. While I only hope to someday capture even a shred of the acrimonious wit of the revered Dave Barry, I did whip up a scathing review of this dreaded holiday on my blog. Check it out!