February 27, 2008

Firkin Number Four is SEAMUS red ale and the Continuation of the Haiku and Limerick contest

Here we go again... It's firkin night at Standard Tap.
It's a bit late to be posting this to entice all of you to come to 2nd and Poplar tonight, but I am doing it anyway.

Tonight we will be pouring our Seamus Irish Red Ale.
It's delicious.
Great malt character and very sessionable. Never had it on cask.

We'll be tappin' it at six. You can come whenever.
I'm taking it extra easy tonight...so I will your help.

To add to the merriment of the evening, Standard Tap's Haiku and limerick contest is still going on. The winner of the three week competition will move on to be sponsored by Standard Tap in the Philly Beer Week Beer Geek competition.

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