February 22, 2008

good night sweetheart now it's time to go.....ba da ba da boomp

I doubt that any of you even know of this restaurant, because it's not really on the beer radar...
I think they did carry chimay blue though....but "Bliss" on Broad St. was pretty dark tonight.

I heard from an inside source- ( a server of three years) that the owners of Chris's Jazz Cafe bought it. I only went there for happy hour once. And it was okay. Bliss might be a strong word.

It was located right in the midst of the avenue of the arts.

Now for the beer tie in... In the last 8 months, Chris's jazz cafe has done a lot with their bottle list...mostly because their bar manager (another chris).

It would be cool if that flowed a few blocks south to this new effort....wait and see.

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