February 20, 2008

limericks, haikus and cask ale---Oh my!

Those folks at Standard Tap are pretty clever if you ask me.
or maybe if you ask anyone...
it's probably unanimous.

Just got a call from Ron, their bar manager, who told me they just signed up as a sponsor of Philly Beer Week beer geek competition (at johnny brenda's on 3.13).

To switch things up from the multiple beer quizzos (I am cohosting one at Triumph on Monday march 10th)
and "bar exams" going on, they are doing a three week Haiku and Limerick coaster competition...to kick of this very night.

TROEGS brewing company will have their firkin on tap
Nick Johnson, rep and frequent arm breaker, will be present with his lovely nugget nectar.

And creativity will be flowing as the nectar does.

I love this birthday shot, where his Fiance Meg looks on like,
"what the hell have I been
thinking for 6 years?"

I am working in the burbs again today...you might even see me at Capone's connoisseur tasting- but then- then I'll be at Standard after 6:30.

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  1. guess I'll just be missing ya at capones then. I'm heading out in a few minutes. been getting reports from people on their mobile webs all day. can't hold out any longer!