February 28, 2008

Newbies at the Foodery and word on a PBW south philly pub crawl-=-=

Firkin night went rather well.The Sly Fox Seamus tasted great cask.
The haiku/ limerick contest continued, but people weren't fighting each other for slips to fill out.

I am sure as the night went on- people got more into it.

Next Wed, March 5th, Ron the main barman is going to dress up like a geisha and Jennifer the gm is dressing up like a leprechaun. Winners will be announced after 8:00 during a firkin night with Lancaster Milk Stout.

While I was walking towards the tap, I couldn't help but notice a little tasting activity going on at the Foodery. I had some pint glasses in my hands so I knew I couldn't detour.

After I had my first pint, my friend Dan Conway (mad maryland crabber at Halloween) stopped over and gave me the scoop on said activity.
The foodery clan was tasting some new arrivals with regulars.

New arrivals, heh?

I asked ron if it was okay if I took a break..A nice gentleman Will, the coffee guy, said he would save my seat.

I headed over and there was a buffet of brand new guys on the scene.

I haven't had any of the Cisco stuff from Nantucket...
Dan was raving about it.
I tried their Moore Porter...nice, not too intense but a bit of smoke to it. Medium body, nice roasted coffee character.

I couldn't stand there sampling all night- I Had to talk about Seamus and motivate people to participate in the Standard TAp poetry smackdown... but I did make a purchase....a bit pricey, but since I am a millionaire, it was no big deal.

I bought an Entire Butt porter

Jeff Slick said that it was one of the most authentic English Porters you could find. Made with 10 different malts. He said each time I take a sip, I'll pick up something different. very cool.
And decently priced at $6.

I stole the Classic Style series book on Porter from Lance a few months ago...So hopefully after beerweek I will have time to sit down and read a bit- Learn the history (dating back to 1722).

Right now I can share this because it relates to the title of my most recent purchase...

Before 1722, the most popular beer in East London, was a mixture of three different beers. The publican had to draw from three separate casks. The proprietor of Bell Brewhouse came up with the idea of combining all into a single cask to save time. It was called Mr. Hartwoods Butt, or the "Entire Butt."
Porters seemed to fancy it best, so Mr. Hartwood named this new single cask favorite after the men that drank it most....and Porter was born.

and I purchased the Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire- a dark farmhouse ale- one of their three "Bam" biers--and the most expensive beer I think i have ever bought...$20.
Dan Conway bought their Noel De Calabaza- so I think we might share...then that's two beers in one, right? I can't wait to try this...maybe wait till after beer week to celebrate the fact that I am still alive....

From the first time I tried the La Roja, I really enjoyed this barrel- aged focused brewery...Then i found out it was almost a tour de force-one man, Ron Jeffries, is making it all happen in Dexter, Mi with his wife.

The two of them were out at the Great American Beer Festival this year...and they were, well- pretty darn jolly.

Here's a great interview DRINK CRAFT BEER did with them...

Lastly I headed over to 1601 at 10th and Tasker to meet Lance. Had some delicious Scallop Risotto and a Sly Fox 113. The highlight of my time there, was finding out the South Philly Pub crawl is officially in effect for March 8th.

$12 gets you one free drink at each location inc...
South Philly Tap Room
Ray's Happy Birthday bar (balletine anyone?)
and the Dive

It was the only night I wasn't booked...I had been thinking about a TRIA class...I guess I could do both...

Gotta go do a ridewith with the lovely Kathy Mccann of Origlio Bev in Upper Bucks county.

Hard area for Sly Fox, but we'll do our best ;)


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  2. Is it strange that you were sampling Cisco beers and then bought a beer called entire butt. Coincidence, I think not.