February 13, 2008


Whenever people ask me how I feel about working in a men's industry- I switch up my responses just so I don't annoy myself by saying the same thing all the time...

One of my more common responses is "well, my dad was a marine, and I worked for an intense(but loveable) german chef for two years.....so I am pretty tough."

But no parental upbringing, or post graduate crash course in the real world could prepare me for my awful excruciating pain of my gums last night..
so...so maybe I am an overbrusher...

And I realize this has nothing to do with beer, food, lance, beer repping, but I wanted to bring it to your attention so everyone can make sure they aren't over brushing, and that they are keeping up with dentist appointments. I was due this month for an appt...so I made an emergency one today. Until I go in for my appt...it's all about the Tylenol and Orajel.

I even had to cancel an all day meeting of sorts. Misery!
I never used oragel before...
My friend jennie called it "gummy nummy." I like that.
But, I hate the my bottom gums right now.
I am supposed to host a cheese and beer pairing for Beer club at Vintage tonight!

Apologies in advance if this was too much information. it's just my mouth.
and I am just trying to prevent all of you from suffering the same fate.
Don't overbrush! don't do it!

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