February 10, 2008

Playback of Places, Pubs, and Pints

< < <
Here's the rewind on my unwind throughout the week.
Maybe unwind is the wrong word. ....
It's not really relaxing spending my life in restaurants despite popular opinion.
Beer reps can't just enjoy a beer anymore.

You're looking at what else is on tap... What wholesaler dominates that bar? Why do they dominate? Who's paying to play?
What are jack and Jill are drinking next to me?
Is Jill drinking beer?
Is Jack drinking Jack?
Are beer sales steady despite hop and malt increases?
Oh wait, what did I just order?
Oh, and you're out of it? I think to myself will they reorder it?
Oh! Is there an opportunity for a tap switch up? Perhaps Sly Fox?
E v e r y d a y.
So many bars, so many restaurants, so little time.
I've been so busy. My IPA business cards are never going to be printed, my laundry will never get done. I haven't talked to anyone in my family for a week. Hopefully they understand that I've been sweating away stress of this ever competitive beer industry as well as planning for Philly's first ever beer week.
But now enough ranting...
< < < so what did I do this week?

Saturday was the year long anticipated Ground Hog's day prognostication event at Grey Lodge.
You sort of know what to expect....
Elusive beers on tap, Hawaiian shirts fill the room, Scoats pretends he is the ground hog, whiskey on pancakes and naps by three.
But it's still a good time.
My gang failed to arrive at the desired time- 7AM.
This could be attributed to Lance, Casey and George Hummel drinking Temptation at 2:30 in the morn.
(casey will blame it on Lance).
or me battling insomnia watching Golden Girls at 4 AM.
( I own season one and two on DVD).
April tried to get it all together with texts starting at 5:45, but her ambition was a solo effort.
We finally arrived at 9:30 or so to a five o gang.
We missed Lew, caught Jack for a bit, and chatted with Woody, Dan B, Scoats, Steve, Roy, and others. I got to meet one of my Blog readers from Long Island. That's us above.

Of course we missed the Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout by over an hour.
That was the third time that I was on route to drink the scarce stout when it kicked.
So, I give up. Three strikes. I am no longer in pursuit of that ale.

There were seven winners of the Hawaiian tee-shirt contest. Both Lance and myself included.
He was still sewing his pants on the way there....He wore the most hideous shirt I have every seen. Then let his long locks flow. Second time in 24 hours he wore something outrageously embarrassing....I think he was even mortified-
he wore his fleece after a while.

I missed the debut of PBW's row house red....and didn't hear too much commentary on it...so I am still anxious for them to roll out next month.

We took it easy Sat. night because super bowl Sunday was on the horizon.
< < <
We went to breakfast at Sabrinas and Spencers too. There was a wait for tables already at 9:30. But the bar area was empty...so we sat there. I made the same ordering mistake I make every time I go there- when I can't order anything without at least 10 items on the plate.
The guy kept it simple and his looked good. We agreed that they give you too much. Then charge a bit extra. I would rather pay half the amount and have half the food.
I hardly ever get doggie bags....
I don't have a dog plus I've worked in restaurants for 12 years so I try to avoid causing my servers to do extra work. I especially don't' get them before noon. So it's a waste of food. And we always spend too much money. But, then again, I always order the most expensive thing on the menu.

I worked all day....then bowled it up at night.
I went to the Good Dog for a bit, then misconduct...where I noticed they nixed O'reillys stout for Donneybrook. My superbowl night was not off to a good start. I later learned that they don't move a lot of the Donneybrook either. They're a miller lite, Guinness sort of bar. Some bars just follow that recipe. Life goes on. There's other handles to get.
I headed over to crash Fergies holiday party.
They were doing Karaoke at the new Finn McCool's lounge. This is the second bar holiday party I crashed in three weeks involving Karaoke. I HATE karaoke.
But something about a couple of beers makes me think I can take on Kim Carnes.
"She's precocious
and she know's just what it takes to make a pro brush

All the boys think she's a spy
She's got Bette Davis Eyes"

I think I am going to retire the mic for a while...that is until I host ultimate beer trivia on March 10th at Triumph.

I got in one game of Wii bowling and drank an O'reilly's stout at Jose Pistolas.
( As I typed that I just realized that sentence probably appears every other blog).
Then cabbed it to Clarion St.

MORE to come...including
*My origlio ride with Craft brand specialist Jim Wiggins
*My business development coaching class
*Beer Club at South Philly Tap room with NBC's Justin pizzi
*My beer round table to help out the Temply Univ. Food and Bev Newspaper editor...
*Friday Happy Hour
*Saturday lunch at Smiths
*The first western flick I've seen in years.


  1. that's too bad you got there so late. the Breakfast Stout was flowing, and flowing quickly! I got there at 7:05 and still only managed one pint.

    I did not like the Rowhouse Red. not at all.

  2. p.s. it was just the regular Founders Breakfast Stout, not the Kentucky. oh I wish it was the Kentucky!