February 21, 2008

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I left my camera at my brothers house thus no photos from the last two days. But here's a bit of the week in review, partially photo free.
The week was pretty busy.
Saturday was the World cafe Live beer fest. Below is a pic of our "garden theme" for the Sly Fox table.
I started this in 2005 and it has kind of evolved into something way different from my creation. I created an intimate event where all the food was paired up with the beer. We had lamb, and ostrich... All the music that day was the brewers' effort. Guests were entertained by Sam Calagione and Bryan Sellars doing their beer geek hip hop, ragtime guitar from Troegs and so on. All the breweries were local. Fast forward three years, hardly any brewers are there (kudos to Scott from legacy and mike Fava from Dock St. - the only ones I saw all day), Food was reduced to soggy pork sandwiches wrapped in tin foil, and the music...some band that was an awful cross between red hot chili peppers, sublime, nine inch nails and van morrison. awful. Oh, and Budweiser actually had a table.

But I still had a great time...so that's says something right? After the fest, I checked out the new bar by 30th st. station,
Slainte. No need to really comment on it.
I will say though, if one more "irish pub" pops up in this city, I think I am going to freak out. I was just at second and south the other day and noticed two additions, "The Irish Times" and a spot called "Paddywhacks." Strategically placed within a block of Downey's, Kildares, and Blarney Stone. Hmm...

After Slainte, I sipped on a bit of wine at Southwark, then it was off to Dock St. 6 month anniversary dance party. At which, I danced. This rarely happens.
Hopefully, you will never see me dance.

Sunday I took it light. real light. Sleep was the word of the day. I was a woman of leisure. Lance, April annie and myself decided it would be Mexican that night...
We tried to go to Xochitl...but they were booked. Good for them, I like that spot.
Lance heard that Mustard Greens, long stay by 2nd and Bainbridge, was good- so we opted for that. I figured I could find something healthy, and April could find some vegetarian eats. I shared the anecdote that when My battered, sleep deprived self checked my email that morning- I got my iVillage Total Health Community Challenge update saying, "I completed my 30 day
Supercharge Change for Better Health Community Challenge and that I " started my way toward a fitter, healthier life. "
How little did they know?
So, of course, to add to the irony... I ordered the duck special.

They switch it up daily...that evening it was a deep fried duck.
Nothing says "fitter healthier life" like fried greasy game.
My sister, patty would have had a heart attack. Lance's beef satay tasted like fish oil, and april's tofu looked pretty uneventful. We got some cheese cake (still on that health kick) from the Chef's market, and called it an early one. Had to rest up for President's Day. coming up

*beef curry and chocolate cake
*Troegs Nugget Nectar night at Standard Tap
*Guest Bartending at High St. Grille in Mount Holly to the benefit of St. Jude's childrens hospital
*Capone's connoisseur tasting, and my beer advocate buddies dan and del.
*Some new Sly Fox taps around the city
* A preview of my/ Sly Fox Beer week events

PS: Friday night....11:15 pm...nbc 10....Remember I look awful!
Hopefully not as awful as this...

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  1. i love that the title of this pic, when you click on it, is worst+pic+ever. i think that sums it up nicely.