February 18, 2008

Raise a pint to the presidents - maybe even one of "their own"

I attribute a great deal of my love for beer to my time spent working for the City Tavern.... I also credit the tavern proprietor- Walter Staib- for introducing me to expressions like "Make it happen." and "Schlepp."

It was there at 2nd and Walnut that I learned about the recipes of the founding fathers---Thomas Jefferson's brewed a honey wheat ale, Mr. Washington brewed a Molasses Porter.
( Below is the delicious bread plate
you will get if you go...)

At some point in the last ten years, YARDS brewing co. received congressional approval to recreate those recipes. George's recipe for small beer was found in the RARE manuscripts of the New York Public Library. I am not sure about Jefferson. But they are both served at the
City Tavern to this day. They also started bottling them in 2003?

Throughout this entire week, CITY TAVERN will be featuring presidents' recipes. They are open everyday for lunch and dinner. In addition to these exclusive beers, they also pour a variety of interesting libations including the City Tavern Warmer- made with cider- rum, whiskey, and applejack brandy- and warm it does...

Foodies can also capture Chef Staib on CN8 sharing his love of the cuisine from the Black Forest on Sunday nights.

Lastly, they will also be doing a special menu paired with Yards beers for Philly Beer Week next month.

Happy president's day!

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