February 19, 2008

SCORE-------------------------- ------------ Baskin Robbins 31 Max's Taphouse 75 (225 on overtime)

31 flavors?
That's it?
That's nothin' Baskin...
Best be crackin' before the temperatures are.

If you're going to boast variety...you need to get to at least 75 of something to impress someone, or to get them to take a day off of work and head into Baltimore for the second time in three months. ($93 for round trip train and only an hour ride...which seemed like 15 minutes with Iron Hill's "Cannibal strong golden ale" as a traveling companion).

Kudo's to Max's Taphouse, and Cellarman- all around swell guy, Casey Hard, for organizing a stellar event, spanning Friday to Sunday with 75 Belgian drafts (and for cleaning all the lines right before the event- I am super skeptical of too many taps taphouses) and 150 belgian bottles. Lest me not forget the Cuisine de Belgium.

Be them deemed " geeks" or "aficionados," they were out in full force - homemade spread sheets and no. 2's in hand documenting their drinkin' day.

We got our hands and lips on some stuff I've never seen before
(and some of it not available in our market, not to discount our friends on 16th st.)

"our line up"

d r a u g h t
Alvinee Podge Imperial Stout
Cantillon Vigneronne (merlot/ cabernet grape juice lambic)
De Regenboog Tsmije Sleedown (sloeberry ale)
De Proef Zoetzuur Flemish Ale
De Regenboog Wostyntje (triple with mustard seeds)
Fantome Chocolate
Strubbe Doebel
Brewer's Art Proletary Cask (black ale/candi sugar/ cocoa)
Brewer's Art Petroleuse Cask (Biere De Garde)

b o t t l e s

Struisse (brewers of pannepot fisherman's ale)-
Struiselensis Wild Ale

Brasserie de la Senne Equinox-
Surprisingly hoppy Winter Beer

We got our second wind around 2 and kept on keeping on until around 6:30 or so --when the rookies came.
"Rookies" simply being those that didn't play hooky.

We headed back to our new friends in Charm City at One Eyed Mikes for a suds soaker upper.
All seafood of course, because of Lent.
We had some shrimp and scallop apps then for the Main course- stuffed Lobster.

Lance was more excited about his beer pairing than the actual dish unfortunately.
The quaff you inquire?
A little Natty Boh.
And dessert?
That would be one last Grand Marnier for the road.

So, now-perhaps, you probably would like to go to the "land of pleasant living"
for Max's Belgian fest next year...

great....super...we're tour guides for hire.
Negotiated pay will include orange flavored cognac...

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  1. Is it 33 flavors? It might be, but when I was a kid it was 31.