February 12, 2008

The tape has finished rewinding.....

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I am the busiest of bees today..so I will do an annoying style here just to get all the goods down and move on to this week.....to finish off my rewind....

Odyssey at Brigid's...Fat Tuesday at Side Car----An Abita Turbodog (this bar is the #1 abita selling acct in the state- the owner loves N.O) and Jambalaya.
Squeezed in a Quizzo for one round and got 5 out of 10....thank goodness I remembered that the Louisiana Purchase was 1803- Thanks to my US history teacher....Mr. Silva..Could've been a 4 out of 10... Scored a lifetime high of 205 in wii bowling.
Attended a Sales and business development class just for kicks. It was free...I like free..but free turns into daily calls following trying to get you to sign up for more classes....They reviewed the model that most sales people follow from introduction to close....then shared with us their model. Their model basically got the "rep" to reveal the "pain" of the buyer...then try to solve their pain. hmm....Someone could sell me a clone of myself...because it's going to be painful to be in three places at once during beer week...

Thursday, I was asked to sit in on a roundtable discussion of beers to Help out a Temple student. Double shots coffee shop turned into a speakeasy of sorts at 9 pm as The student, his pal Sean, beer guy Chris Topham and yours truly discussed a variety of beers....Troegs Nugget Nectar (I'm in love) , Bell's HopSlam (slam dunk), Sly fox Dunkel (So proud), Victory Baltic Thunder (Oh Perkunos.....) Flying Fish Grand Cru (my favorite beer casey crafts)...It was nice to sit down and chat beer with someone whose just getting into it. Usually I find myself ears perked as I am in the midst of writers, experienced brewers and savvy beer salesman...I always have something to learn...The change of events....where I could actually offer something made me feel good.

Friday we did breakfast at Carman's Country Kitchen- a mere two blocks from my house, yet I hardy take the trek.....My omelet had a split personality- green raisins, Blue Cheese, Walnuts, another cheese and I forget what else...L and his sweet tooth ordered Waffles with and Orange cocoa syrup of sorts with cocoa powder dusting.
Friday Happy hour started at Devil's Alley with a Sly Fox Dunkel (so darn drinkable-Had the Eggenberg Dopplebock (dunkel) last night- also delicious)....then a trip to the good ol' Bards. My buddy does quizzo here and I am really hoping, praying, that one day in the near future...patrons can drink a sly fox there. Then off to good dog- rt 113 IPA and a Veggie Wrap (good ol' Lenten Fridays) Glad to get a seat there on a Friday night....
Then it was off to MONKS- Moinette brune.
Saturday we dined at SMITHS lounge on 19th st. They have been carrying sly fox for about nine months. And I had never eaten there despite the fact that their menu looks full of tasty treats.
My favorite was the butternut squash soup with Sage Oil. The spring rolls were okay....and Lance wasn't too excited about his carne pizza (heavy on the meat-- I mean it was titled "carne" but still not enough sauce). They are currently pouring our SAISON- which went well with the Chicken Pot Pie crock actually. The presentation was fun..and these miniature cheddar biscuits made my day.

We took it easy Saturday night and rented a movie off of Itunes- being the mac lover that lance is...he purchased a special cable over Ebay for $11 that allowed him to hook I tunes movies up to his new Flat screen. 3:10 to Yuma made the cut....I hadn't seen a western in years (maybe never?) Guns, guts, glory...not too many surprises. THAT's a WRAP!

*My first Master BRewers meeting (no I am not a master brewer, but I was invited;)
*Beer Week previews
*Two best chicken parm sandwiches in the city
*My upcoming Mt holly guest bartending debut
*an official solicitation for advice
*and more

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