February 1, 2008

This little piggy went to COCHON

SO I was in charge of picking out our anniversary din din spot.

I thought I would surprise Lance and bring him to Braddock's Tavern, his first job in high school. It's in medford. And I assume it would have a city tavern feel.

But it's forty minutes away, and I am a bad driver as it is- so of course,
I don't want to have to deal with the task after a nice bottle of meritage.

I told him choose between b and c.
Of course, the inquisitive chap, said what about "A?"
"A" was SUPPER and it was already eliminated as an option but perhaps another time...maybe for one of their "Sunday suppers."

Lance said "C, because that's my street name."
Something I didn't know about my boyfriend......
C was cochon.
By 5th and Catherine on Passyunk.I've heard wonderful things.
And I love pork products! What better way to celebrate 365 days of bliss then to eat PIG.
( 364 I guess...we did have one Parking authority discussion that wasn't exactly blissful)
And here is the rest of it.Lance picked out the wine a 2005 Cardinal Zin from Bonny Doon.
Peppery and berry laden just like I like em'.

The artwork of Ralph Steadman graced the bottle in the same fashion as the Flying Dog packaging out of Colorado.

He ordered the escargot
I got Haricot Verts

For entrees I ordered the Duck. (Go figure I go to Cochon and don't order pork at all...) I read on one of the blogs earlier that day...it was the best duck in the city....I'm not sure about that. It was served with a White bean ragout and more haricot verts.
( I also had creamed spinach for lunch...so I was scoring well in the green game yesterday)

And Lance ordered the evening special. Which sounded like a dish dream come true.
A porkloin stuffed with blood sausage accompanied by wilted spinach and sweet potato bread pudding...This photo isn't the best...sorry

We decided to move on for dessert and visit our buddies at Southwark.
I had a port of sorts and Lance enjoyed some rye whiskey.
We also had a rye whiskey aged 18 years...that Southwark purchased the last shipment
in the world.

He also ordered a scrumptious blackberry sorbet.... which was a wonderful finale.
Note: Southwark will be participating in the Brewer's Plate event at the Independence Visitor Center during Beer week. Hopefully paired up with Philadelphia Brewing Co.


  1. You need to stop worrying about Lance -- cuz he's the coolest -- and stop worrying about your own bad self -- cuz you are the hottest beer chik what iz -- and keep talking beer. 'Kay?

  2. And BTW, as I'm sure I've said... I LOVE Tom Waits.

    Forgive me. I'm suffering from the effects of most of a growler of Sly Fox Saison Vos, and ALL of a growler of Sly Fox Pughtown Porter. Blame the Super Bowl.