March 19, 2008

A Beer Brunch, A Brewers Plate, and a Bed to Rest my weary Head

ROLLING, rolling, rolling on a river, of beer going to my liver?

No, I am on a roll here, I must get caught up on my (mis) adventures of the week, so I can go back to some state of normalcy.

Wait-- the free on line dictionary by Farlex, states that "Normalcy" means being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning.

I think Jack Curtin would beg to differ that I ever functioning normally.

Here's day Three
Sunday, March 9th, liver- 30% gray. (just kidding family xo)

I rise to attend the Colorado Beer brunch at Jose Pistolas.
This is a nice co-operative effort of Jose's, Bella Vista Beverage, and Origlio beverage. Which is pretty cool, because they're kind of competing forces out there in this big world o' beer...

It was nice to see them sipping on Oskar Blues and Boulder in harmony, just as thought they were skiing down the same powder simultaneously in the mile high state.

The boys put out a great buffet. Simple but good.
The locks were a nice touch.

The line up included Oskar Blues Dale Pale, Gordon, Ten Fidy, Pale-Oaked, and Old Chub.
Infamous Marty Jones, was on board to meet and greet. I was too weary to fully appreciate the charm of this man until later. I wish he was a regular at my bar, or I was a regular at his.
He's just one of those people that make the industry feel good or you feel good to be in the industry, pick one. Bella Vista showed off their boulder portfolio inc. Hazed and Confused, and Mojo IPA. Here is a pic of Chris and Jimmy Meiers of Origlio. To the right is a side profile of Kati and Ed Friedland and Bob from the
Brewer's Guild. (Poor guy had to leave Steel City for the week to drink delicious beer with all of us).

Bella Vista has done a great job of growing that brand here in PA. Brothers, Chris and Jordan have a great sense of humor and a work ethic to match...They've even offered to host my IPA ladies in the distributor after hours for a meeting.

I napped a bit, and headed to the Independence Visitor Center for the 3rd annual Brewer's Plate, to support the White Dog Enterprises.

As most of you know the concept of the event is to pair restaurants and breweries up.
The rest and breweries get to work together on a pairing. It's a lot of fun and it's beneficial to all parties. The food always runs out early...but dems da brakes.

I was taking it easy on the beers that day, and was a bit more excited to try some new nibbles. The highlight that day was a Shortrib sandwich from Tinto. I am not sure what was in it, other than the stated rib, but I literally got weak in the knees. faint. Or maybe that was still lingering veisalgia.

We poured O'Reilly Stout. Which I always like to bring to festivals when we can. A lot of converting has been done, but there's tons more to do. We were paired up with the good people of the Abbaye: Mark, Flip and Bruce. Bruce made a great beef stew incorporating the beer. Hearty, not too I said, great. The adjectives are just flying out of me tonight.

We had a brief stop at the Good Dog, which became the unofficial after party. Paul Rutherford of Iron Hill Lancaster, had a firkin of Russian Imperial Stout on. And- of was gone by the time I got there. Stuff is too good to stay around to long...That's okay... I was able to get to bed at a reasonable hour...and prepare myself for the rest of PBW 2008. y i k e s.

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