March 18, 2008

Beer Week has Ended...Let the Bloggin' Begin

It's over...and it was wonderful. Wacky, but wonderful.
I shared beers with so many characters.
Some reside in in New Jersey or Bucks County and I don't get to see them that much-
others flew in from colorado, California, Oregon, Maine, etc...
Maybe too many late nights, but when you're drinking JW Lees barleywine that Tom's cellared for at least four years, it seems to be okay.
I 'll document the week bit by bit, not quite beer by beer, but I'll do my best.
This was the lineup


*Joe Six pack's favorite beers
*Meet journalists traveling cross country

*Go on Brewpub trip with journalists to Sly Fox and Iron Hill- then take them to Side Car and South Philly Tap Room. Briefly at Good Dog, then off to South Philly Pub Crawl- hitting up The Pope, 1601, and RAYS...with a night cap at Jose Pistolas

*Colorado Beer Brunch at Jose Pistolas
*Brewer's Plate at Independence Visitor Center

*Beer Trivia at Triumph Brewing Co.
*Late night beers at undisclosed location


*Meet and Greet with Brian O'reilly at Johnny Brenda's
Late night meet up at Belgian Cafe

*Local brewers crawl to "kill the sixtel."
*Late night at Monks

*Beer Geek competition
*Late night at Monks

*Meet and Greet with Phillip, brewer of Blanche de Bruxelles
*Good Dog - South Hampton Sly Fox showdown

*U penn Michael Jackson Tutored tasting
*Khyber Chili Cookoff
*Grey Lodge Bus and Ides of March event

*Triumph Real Ale fest
*Ladies Beer Tea
*The T.u.D.- the last huzzah at Fergies.

Liver is not quite charcoal. I survived, barely.

I will have some pics up with some highlights shortly.


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