March 28, 2008

Camara Drama part 2

My hewlett packard crapped out on me yet again.
The same thing that happened back in October...The lens won't open all the way.

It's not worth the countless hours on the phone across the universe to try and get a new $129 camera now the search is on.

I have to find a new camera that takes amazing pics of food. I had heard that the lumix (branch of panasonc) had a "plate" as an option specifically for food photography.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My birthday is coming up (april 24) so I will probably ask someone in my family to co-op it with me...

I also heard good things about olympuses. I am trying to get something under $300.

PS: I hate hewlett packard


  1. Hey there Beer Lass. From my experience the Nikon and Canon cameras are the best. Although I am intrigued by a number of new cameras including a sexy little number from Panasonic that include a food mode.

  2. I've had really good results with the Canon Powershot SD550. Then again, I'm a drinker, not an eater.

  3. I love my Canon. It has a lot of smarts built into it.

  4. I've had two Fuji point and shoots that I've loved. My current camera has a long lasting battery, takes great macro shots (perfect for food) and is resistent to all the trials I put it through in the bottom of my bag. It was also only 200 bucks when I bought it a year ago. Now you'd probably be able to get and even nicer, smaller sized Fuji for about the same price. A great place to do camera research is on Flickr, there you can see whose using the most popular cameras in various sizes and types, as well as get a feel for the kinds of pictures the camera takes.

  5. Canon's and Nikon's are the best. I have a Canon Powershot and it takes great pictures for the cost. It has some weird focusing issues like it will focus on something behind what you are taking a picture of. If you want a lot of options and great photos, try the Nikon D70. It runs about $300-$400 but is more of a professional camera instead of a point and shoot.

  6. Get a Canon Powershot, something with manual controls...I like the A-Series with the flip out screen for awesome angle shots.