April 3, 2008

Cheesy Beery Friday Fun

Tomorrow, April 4th,Sly Fox's Brian O'Reilly will team up with cheese monger extraordinare Hunter Fike to bring Philadelphia 6 amazing pairings.

Sly fox will be featuring some of our heavy hitters
*Incubus Triple
*Ichor Abbot style Quadruple
*Gang Aft Agley Wee Heavy
*Saison Vos farmhouse Ale
*Our Rauchbier (only served at brewpubs)
*our Pikeland Pils (gold medal at great american beer fest 2007)

Hunter has come up with some great cheese to complement Brian's world class beers.
Please join us next Friday at 6-8 pm $45 pp includes an antipasta plate for all guests.
Tickets to beerdom are still available as of today.
It's a fun change up for a night. Good Gift for your significant other!
your dad! your son!
your roommates birthday!
heck go by yourself and make new beer loving, cheese chomping friends!

All the action takes place at the 17th and Chestnut location.

c h e e r s

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