March 24, 2008

Countdown to Quizzo Bowl

Today is the 50 year aniversary of Elvis Presley enlisting in the US army.

and It's Five more days to the World's largest Quizzo Event, QUIZZOBOWL, The brave concept of Philly's favorite quizzmaster, Johnny Goodtimes.

What's the correlation....Quizzo bowl IV's theme will be ELVIS....complete with "Black Elvis "the second most famous person to come out of the Eastern Shore Of Virginia.

Over 400 people will gather at the LEGENDARY Blue Horizon to compete for big bucks and bigger bragging rights.

$25 gets you in....all you can Drink SLY FOX BEER.

"Ginger" will be present possibly sporting a Priscilla like bouffant...who knows.

check out for more info.

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