March 20, 2008

DAY 10: Real Ale, Beer Tea, and the T.U.D

Thank God it's Sunday. I was even contemplating going to the Cathedral at 17th and the Parkway to pray for my liver.
I had three more events to go through and it was done. I was done.
I would have survived first ever Philly Beer Week.

I called the Belgian Cafe around twelve to see if there were seats left and they were actually oversold! I couldn't believe it. I mean I could believe it because Nancy Rigberg had a great concept and it was the only women centric event of the week. But here I was the presiding drinker of a women's beer club and I couldn't go to the ladies beer tea. But it was my own fault for the not making a reservation. Patrick, the manager rules and put me on standby, airplane style.
I got a call 20 minutes later that I was in.

I had just enough time to hit the Triumph/ Yards real ale fest for an hour, get a parking ticket and get back to Fairmount. Yes, another parking ticket. Getting your car inspected on time is not overrated.

The real ale fest was well attended but not too crowded. I never had a problem getting a beer.
I think Triumph probably wanted more people there, but I was happy.

I started off with the Bells Java stout, which was my number one that day.
Just when I think I can't drink any more beer, I can always have another stout.
(I was more than excited on New Years day, when Tom Peters put only stouts on at Monks. )

I moved on to the Clipper city Saison, which was a last minute add in and I was pleasantly surprised. I see there beer popping up a lot lately and I am not overwhelmed. The Loose Cannon IPA isn't bad, but I don't enjoy their small craft warning uber pils or their Holy Sheetz barleywine that some people rave about. Then for my last beer I tried a South Hampton General Sullivan's Red, named for the owners of South Hampton. And to no surprise, it was great. Apparently the crew got a little carried away again, actually when don't they...Niebhur brothers or not Niebhur brothers...they're constantly carousing.
I guess after I left Triumph, Nick Johnson put Casey Hughes in an Airplane spin, while smoking. Almost impressive. I would've like to have seen the Boston crab only because the pile driver on pavement would've been too cruel. Even for casey. If beer week didn't kill him, a Pile Driver on Chestnut st. would've. Photos courtesy of Steve "mittens" Mashington.

Off to the beer tea. Nancy gave a wonderful welcoming speech. The Home Sweet Homebrew owner shared the history of women in beer and women in beer specifically in Philadelphia in the mid 90s.

The food was great....shrimp balls, mini croque monsieurs, cucumber and salmon sandwiches...lemon bars and more.

Our Bienvenido beer was a most special treat: Eric's Ale from New Belgium out of Fort Collins, Co.I just saw Tom Peters last night and I forgot to ask him how the heck he got it. It's not available east of Chicago. So I don't know how, I'm just glad he did.
I believe it was a sour lambic with the essence of peach. He aged it in La Folie barrels.

we moved on to the Ave Les bon voeux, a winter saison from Brasserie Du Pont.
Followed by the slapmustke triple night cap. Some potent potables for Mid Day!

I blogged about this beer a few months ago. I had it following the Philly Beer Week Information session at Nodding Head. I had a few before that, so it truly was a night cap for me.

We finished off with Lindeman's Framboise and the Rogue Chocolate Stout. This was another nice touch. Sebbie Bulher,a roguster for over a decade now, got up and talked about the pairing. The Bucks Co. beer lady made mention of how beer is good for you. The ladies loved it. I was surprised that they could keep quiet long enough to lend her their ears. It was quite the chatty group.
Sebbie's mug also graces the bottle. Sebbie encouraged the ladies to combine them if they like.
I got to chat briefly with Mrs. Joe Sixpack, Theresa Russell, the BEER FOX, Caroline Smagalksi and lovely Nora that helps manage The Belgian Cafe.

Nora's mom was there, a true beer afficianado.
So dedicated in fact, that she got hops tattooed on her arm. I was pleased to be part of such a special event. In the United Kingdom, over 40% of beer drinkers are women, in the United States, that's not the case. We consume only 25%. But, perhaps some day it will be.

There was barely a break before the T.U.D. began. I had previously credited Lance for inventing the expression"T.U.D." but, I believe it was his friend Alex that coined the phrase.

The T.U.D. is that totally unnecessary drink you have at the end of the evening.

The tud was a tudapalooza. It was the last Huzzah. We did it. We. collectively. The city came together and proved we are as passionate about our pint as we are our players.

We celebrated our week's successes with Karaoke, Curt Decker and Steve Mashington behind the bar, and ladies from In Pursuit of Ale.

I kicked off the karaoke with "Everyday" from Buddy Holly. It funny because I swore I would never do karaoke in this city...but now I have done it three times in three months. I thought I was Kim Carnes for a hot sec...I certainly don't think I am Buddy holly, but I love that song, Manayunk Brewing Co's Bill Young loves that song and I knew it was only 2 minutes. I couldn't have been prouder of April Annie and Jennie Hobbs when they did their rendition of Warren G's regulators.

Frank of "welcome to my face" did a Carrie Underwood hit. Tom Kehoe and Jordan Walsh of IPA did the Summer Nights from Grease.
Lance coudn't get enough of the mic. We did a duet of "paradise by the dashboard light" and he soloed "King of the Road." Jose Pistola partner, Casey Parker brought out a couple of his 80s favorites, and a little Marvin Gaye.
During "Lets get it on," Jenny and I decided we would be his Fly Girls. Geez, anything can happen at the tud.


  1. TUD (totally unncecesarry drink) was actually coined by my friend Eric, more commonly known on the streets and in the taverns of philly as MC Sundance "E". It refers to the drink you get after you've decided your night has ended and you're on your way home and just as you near your house you see your corner bar out of the cab window and tell the cabby "right here will be fine".

  2. Eric came home last night, after many drinks and inexplicably opened an expensive bottle of scotch (he's NOT a scotch enthusiast) and drank a shot of it before going to bed.

    After I (Mrs MC sundance E) had an unfortunate incident at Graces in December 2005, I advise only consuming TUDs at home.

  3. I will be a regular over here...
    I had been tryin to find local ladies who to do the beer tea with me
    Sounded Awesome

  4. Did you know Lance is deathly afraid of hippies?

  5. Best PBW Coverage ANYWHERE. Wish I weren't so damned old and could hang with you kids more...but it's probably just as well. Fun running into you during the week, and I'm so damned glad we finally got rid of that effin' PLATE.