March 19, 2008

Day 4...only 6 more to go.

Monday, Day Four, Liver reduced in gradient to 20% gray. Not to shabby.

Ultimate Beer Trivia at Triumph that served as a preliminary round to the Philly Beer Geek Competition at Johnny Brenda's.
Nice numbers came out to prove they weren't merely guzzlers, they were geeks.
Tried and true with personally engraved tankards to prove it.
Patrick and Jay were excellent hosts.
I co-hosted with pal, johnny goodtimes.
We bickered a bit over questions, but it turned out to be a great night.

We did four rounds with a decent range of technical, pop culture, movie reference, and industry knowledge. The team that won was carried by one individual, Sam (red shirt). He was a bit timid, and not looking forward to participating in a pageant-like contest, which is exactly what the Philly Beer GEEK event was.

So, I awarded the cash prize to the first place team, then Chris Topham, went on to compete to be the Philly Beer Geek. The entire team (John, a homebrewer, Jay, industry guy, and Kelsey, girlfriend and beer savant herself) also got their money back as a courtesy for being second place, and will enjoy a lovely bottle of Sly Fox Saison Vos.

Other sponsors of the evening were, Good Dog Bar, Jose Pistolas, and Chicks Cafe.

I enjoyed a few beers with the victors and called it a night.
When I have more time, I might post the questions, and you can see how you would have fared.

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