March 19, 2008

Day 5- the anticipated Meet and Greet

I was really looking forward to tonight.... Brian O'Reilly and brewer turned publican, William Reed, collaborated on a beer, Standard Ale, to celebrate first ever Philly Beer week. Its been described as an ESB with American Hops (centennial) cask-conditioned, exclusively sold at William's bars, Standard Tap and Johnny Brendas,as well as Sly Fox Brew pubs, and the Good Dog (owner Dave Garry was a tapper for years before G.D.).

I couldn't clone myself in time to be at the Standard Tap happy hour on Fri, so this would be its debut appearance in my life. We also were pouring Seamus, and Ichor.

Brian made his way around the room, and the room was very excited to talk to him. He even described it as humbling. We'd go to Johnny Brenda's any day of the year because we love it so much, but to be there, knowing that people came to see him, made it all the more special.

South Hampton was in the Philly house, and Brian wanted to make sure he had a beer or two with Phil Markowski whom taught him how to brew. He was doing a meet and greet at the Belgian Cafe, so we decided to go over there....I knew that my buddy, Spencer Niebhur had wrapped things up at Grace Tavern and that he would be there as well.

What I didn't expect was an unofficial who's who. Almost everyone that was doing something in the city that night, made their way to 21st and Green. Every time I turned around I saw someone I didn't expect to see. It was truly a time.

My camera was dead for all the merriment....thus, I have only words to capture the evening.

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