March 19, 2008

Day 6- Pub Crawl and Barleywine at 4:15 in the Am

Day 6 Liver 40% grey

Tonight was the Local Brewer's self-guided tour. Inappropriately nicknamed by yours truly as
"kill the sixtel." The concept was for 7 local breweries-
Yards - Black Sheep-esa?
nodding head
Iron Hill (west chester)--Vienna Lager at Jose P's
Flying Fish- bourbon abbey dubbel at Misconduct
Sly Fox- Seamus at Devil's Alley
Troegs- Nugget Nectar at Fergies
Dock St.- Satellite Stout at Good Dog

to place a sixtel of their choice at the each of those locations. We tried to involve In Pursuit of Ale with a dueling sixtels event at Devil's Alley...but it was too crowded to really do it right.
Then an additional sixtel would end up at Mcgillins Old Ale house, where Chris Mullins and his crew were more than happy to be the last spot...most bars would rather be in the beginning.

I thought it would be an intimate crawl, sort of "another night out with Casey Hughes."
But it snowballed, and turned into at least 50 -60 ppl...some familiar faces, and some new ones...even a few new recruits for In pursuit of Ale.

Casey Hughes of Flying Fish continued his new hobby of taking embarrassing photos of his cohorts and placing them on t-shirts. this time the victim was Steve "mittens" Mashington in a spoof situation as a baby.

I took it easy most of the night, with a Vitamin water (XXX is my favorite) in my hand a bit more than a beer to be truthful. I finally get "first wind" of the day at 1 in the morning. I leave Mcgillins early and venture over to Monks to say some hellos. There I find my favorite brand manager, Jim Meiers and my most dedicated craft beer sales rep, Jim Wiggins, both of Origlio Beverage. I had just seen Wiggins at Mcgillins, and I think he clicked his shiny shoes to beat me to 16th and Spruce because I certainly left before him. They are chatting up some nice ladies from Yardley at the bar, with my new favorite Belgian Texan Chimay importing Bobo, not too far away. Bobo buys me a Chimay which I gladly accept, but still have my eyes set on a glass of the cask of J.W Lees Vintage Harvest Ale, a Barley wine aged in a calvados cask
(brandy made from apples.) It reminded me a bit of Madeira. Intense with notes of apple and plum. If the cheese fairy paid a visit, life would've been grand. But it was still pretty darn sweet.

Suddenly some of my favorite people in the world appear, Casey Parker and Joe Gunn, the dynamite, yet drunk duo had just hosted Adam Avery for a 6 course 11 beer extravaganza. Mr. Avery was also in tow- funny, charming and appearing more than happy to be on the East Coast for a few days.
Tom and Fergie were there, then the brewer's pub crawl enters.
Monks employees, Curt Decker, Jenny Hatton, Dave Bueller from Elysian. I should have left a little bit earlier than 4:15 in the morning, but Beer Week only comes once a year...and it's not every day I get to see Casey Parker faceplanted on a bar. Hopefully he finds this as funny as we did. Here are a few more pics....

The perfect Jim Meiers pose
Lance and me...

And a fond evening farewell between Tom and Adam. He tried to go about 4 times, before anyone actually let him...quite the trooper.

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