March 19, 2008

Day 8 - 37 Minutes's almost over. Liver 60% gray
I met up with Brian to drop off some new tap handles... (You can now drink Seamus red ale at Yell O'bar (catherine and greys ferry) and DRUID's Keep...that great bar tucked away in Northern Liberties...being off the trodden trail hasn't hurt their business at all. They get a lot of regulars and in the can have a beer out back and feel like you're in your buddies yard. A nice feeling, not felt to often in the our urbania.)

We headed to Joses for lunch, where to our pleasant surprise, Philip Lefebrve, the 5th generation brewery since it's first batch in 1876. He was accompanied by some of the importers and sales force from the global brewers guild. Brian and him had a nice chat. They offered us some Blanch de Bruxelles, but I wasn't ready yet.
a swordfish gordita and Triple XXX Vitamin water...and I would be primed for the Good dog at 6.

6 turned into 5 at Standard Tap. We went to have a quick one with our Brooklyn buddy and
Sly Fox advocate Manny. I briefly met Arcadia's (Battle Creek, MI) Tim Surprise who was super friendly. He had a "we're all in this together attitude." It was nice. Carol Stout and brewer, Joe McConagle, had arrived while we were still there. We couldn't stay for their whole meet and greet because we were off to the Good Dog...but it was a fun stop. I had wanted to go to the brewer's happy hour at Nodding Head, but I heard it was a zoo, and i had a feeling "Brewer's Happy Hour part 2" would be at the Monks back bar in 10 hours anyway.

Spence and Ryan beat us to Good dog. We had to tap our Firkins, then the race was on.
Ryan turned the whole event into a "boxing match" of sorts. He got the bars attention- which is pretty hard to do at the Good Dog...and announced all the "participants" in their respective "corners." We were trying to set a beer week Firkin record. YARDS had it with 37 minutes.

We had a bit of a problem tapping at first, so South Hampton got a 6 minute head start.
The Long Islanders wanted the victory they got it AND TIED the RECORD.

A lot of people came out for it. Good Dog played great hosts. They even offered complimentary hors d'oeuvre s that night (as well as all week). Apparently they had one of their record rings too! Kudos to Billy Batts, Matt DeGenarro, Rob Armstrong, Rick Suarez, Dan Conway, Nodding Head Josh, Jim Wiggins, and others for coming out. And- yeah, the happy hour part two happened....once again, more of the same, and the same is still good.
Until the next morning... when it's more of the same, but its still not good.
Some more photos...

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