March 19, 2008

Day 9: Penn Museum, Chili Cook Off, and Shakesbeer

Day 9: LIVER report: Pure Charcoal

I woke up on Saturday, not sure I was going to make it....

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, I thought I would have this whole beer week thing down pat...I even created a brochure with a cover page that said "No, I could never get sick of beer." "Here's one Gal's schedule through the ten days to prove it."

And, I admit I didn't really get "sick of beer." But I certainly got sick Because of beer all week long.

Bryan from the Brew Lounge organized the run- day of- on his own (and did most work prior) because I had to be at the Penn Museum for the tutored tasting by noon. One week into it, and still didn't get the cloning thing down pat.

I saw that my angel volunteers from Sly Fox, Steve and Big Dan, were there at the museum when I arrived, and knew that I could come back at a later session.

This was the blessing of all blessings because I also had to drop off a basket of beerness to the Khyber for the chili cookoff.

I accidentally gave the P.o.P.e bar my drum I needed to get another. I spent way too much money at Pearl...but got this dream basket that would perfectly hold (3) 750 ml, 3 bottles of hot sauce, and 3 cans. I bought a ribbon, slapped a sly fox sticker on it, and headed toward Philly's original beer bar.

I looked like hell, felt worse, and the first five people I see outside our casey, spense, ryan, mashington, and jenny hatton. Some of which may have, may have looked worse than I.
They all start cracking up at though they've never seen me with a basket before.

But what a basket it was. I was proud to give it to the panel of judges to award. And those judges needed a prize themselves. They were hysterical. They would say the word "cinnamon" and I swear I would laugh. I would've stayed a lot longer, but I needed a nap.
D e s p e r a t e l y.

I tasted some of Brad Johnson's was pretty good.
As good as anything could taste at the moment.
I headed home and tried not to die.

The rest of the day I spent trying to get people to ride the bus to our "Shakesbeer: Ides of March" event at the Grey Lodge. I wish I was feeling better for this because it was my first GL event of the week, and I love that bar. Iwas able to secure 15 people for the bus on the way there, some more on the way back.

We arrive around 10, greeted by a crowned Scoats.
The lodgemaster has royalty in a box and he's ready to share.

I receive my crown first.
For organizing the school bus (through a woman named peanut) I got the queen crown complete with bottle caps....pretty much the envy of everyone for the first time that day. Yeah, looking like a victim of fatigue on a v-8 spot doesn't really warrant jealousy of any kind.

I ran into Mr. Lew Bryson upstairs, with his lovliest of Mrs.
Kathy has been asking Lew to return a plate I brought to his R.O.S. (really old shit) party last August. We've talked about it on and off since then, but no plate return. I wasn't too concerned about it...but it kind of turned into a joke throughout the months...then there it was- I got my plate back in Mayfair.
I sat down with Big Dan, ate a chicken cheese steak (chunks, not slices- just as I like) and felt a little less awful. I had two ginger ales, and finally felt that I might make it.
Just One more day, which actually meant three more events....

The Boys had a great time...a
s did Some IpA gals, Jenny Hobbs, Christine, and April.

*Woody Chandler was also present as our reader for the evening. In one of the most interesting Beer Week conversations that took place, he revealed to me that he bought
a can of Pikeland Pils, a house on the Brooklyn Bridge, and a Three Floyds Dark Lord for $100 from a guy Sam in South Philly. He wanted to know if I thought he got a good deal.
He specifically asked me, because he put the house in my name. Thanks Woody!
Sly Fox is on fire in Brooklyn right now, and now I've got a place to crash after my Barcade event on April 3rd.

Here are some more pics of the crowned court of brewers...

I swear I didn't have a beer despite the slant eyes..

Lance trying to make his crown the coolest (he does have the most royal name)

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  1. The Beer Monk Bottom Photo-Always makes me smile

    I know those Silly 2 tattoo judges

    Cheers to Beer drinkin in our fine city