March 8, 2008

Day One

I am getting ready to play hostess to a bunch of visiting journalists so I don't have too much time.
Last night kicked off beer week.
I guess I kind of kicked it off Thursday night as I did a test run of the South Philly Pub Crawl I'll do tonight. I made it to three of the five bars, 1601, SPTR, and P.O.P.E.

Yeah playing juke box songs at 2:30 in the morning sipping on a Kalamazoo stout seemed like such a good idea at the time...

An even better idea, was my Golden Girls Marathon I started at 3:15 half an hour later.
I had a sample of a homebrew the bar manager (Paul) at the Khyber gave me to try out. That was my accompanying beverage.

I'm going to have to do some research and find out which of the ladies liked a sip o' beer once in a while. People are always asking me who my favorite golden girl's hard to choose, but I think if I found out one of them had an affinity for my preferred potable, that would answer the question. But for now, I am leaning towards Sophia.

So I took it easy last night. I went to the Joe Six Pack event at East Falls. there was over 250 there, but the space didn't get too packed, so it was overall a nice event. Don launched his book. I started to read it last night as I tried to get to sleep. It's a great guide for those just getting into beer as well as those geeky veterans out there. Check out page 166 if you want to know what bars I think cater to women;)

The highlight was the Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout with a Bananas Foster.
I got to run into a bunch of industry folk (Stacey from Tria, Brendan and Leigh from Memphis Tap room, Chris Morris, etc. I got to see Lance for a little bit...This hasn't happened too much lately as we prepare for PBW.

I even got my picture taken with a leading philadelphian......stay tuned for that one.

Afterward I went to Mcgillins briefly to meet up with the journalists. They were on their way out by the time I arrived. This is definitely par for the course. They'll get their fill of me all is good.

I saw Philly's favorite Irishman on my walk home, so I stopped in Fergies for a quick quaff.
A Sly fox Pale Ale of course. His lovely bride, Christine was there. She's always a treat.

So I am off to Sly Fox and Iron hill for a few hours today.

For those of you who haven't signed up for my Ultimate Beer Trivia yet- do not fret.. you still can. Check out Triumph's website or feel free to leave a comment or an email for me.
$5 cover but all that money goes to a winner!

The event takes place at 8:00 this monday.

Alrighty I am off to the Bus. I am going to hang out with Lisa Morrison of Celebrator Beer News and Rick Sellers of Draft Magazine. They're going to have their first Sly Fox can in about an hour!!!!!

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  1. And a great Sly Fox it was too, the Dunkel Lager strangely appropriate at 9:30 in the morning as I remember. Thank you so very much for the hospitality, you were a terrific hostess.