March 19, 2008

Four Cheers for the Capped Fungi Capital

So the break continues...
I was getting ready to post DAY 8-
Errands with O'reilly
and a SouthHampton / Sly Fox Showdown at Good
Dog... when I received a call about the Kennett Square Beer Festival in October.

The email from Organizer,Jeff, mentions that October is "right around the corner," I am glad he's that organized because for me "around the corner" is Beer Club tonight, Seamus depletions, deadlines, continued chugging of nutritious beverages and working Easter Sunday.

Anyway, the organizers are actually going to PAY participating brewers $100 this year.
Every cent will go to their beneficary, Historic Kennett Square, a 501c3 non profit organization committed to making Kennett Square a social, cultural and economic center in Chester County.

The email reads on
"We will also be reducing the number of half barrels we request from 3 to 2.
We are cutting attendance at the regular fest this year, a good move as I’m sure any of you that attended last year can attest.
If you attend the Connoisseur session as well as the regular fest the appearance fee will be $125. We still need a sixtel of beer or bottle equivalent for the Conn tasting.

We understand that there are many more festivals than ever that you have the opportunity to attend. As this is our 11th year we hope that you feel Kennett is one of the premiere festivals in the Mid Atlantic region. You all are the reason it is successful.

No promoters take a piece of this action. Our event has been run by 100% volunteers for all ten years. We may not always get it right but we think we have figured out how to run a pretty good festival. "

Looks like things are beginning to look up for us breweries.
Three, no, Four cheers for the capped fungi capital.

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