March 21, 2008

Get chummy with a Seamus at Cherry St. Tavern

Have any of you been to Cherry St Tavern, a great spot at 22nd and Cherry...famous for slicing up roast beef on the end of the bar for years now...

Three guys own the tavern, Billy Bobby and Jimmy D.
They wear the old school bartending uniform, and carry the old school charm.

They are pouring SLY FOX seamus red ale right's a perfect blend of hops and malt.
Sure St. patricks day is over, all the more reason to drink it- you can do so in peace without some green glittered drunken chatterbox interrupting your pint.

If you get a chance this weekend, go in and grab one.
Have a sandwich and taken in one of Philly's best bars.

1 comment:

  1. And, as long as they're still serving it, get a bowl of chili too. This used to be a neighborhood local for me....the pints were always decent, but have got much better still. The chili was always perfect...somehow, even in the summer months, too.