March 31, 2008

The Ghost of Remy

Still no camera yet...but many have emailed suggestions to me and I thank you.
I will snap a shot of the winning suggester and they will be the first photo from my new camera.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I did.

Friday was the beer and cheese pairing at PAFA. Great event.

Guests could view the Cecilia Beaux exhibit and feast on cheese while enjoying victory beers. Victory brought all their heavy hitters though! There wasn't a beer under 7%! There was a blue cheese paired with the Storm King that was the favorite pairing of the night. I am a bit sensitive to Blue cheese. So I appreciated it, but others raved about it. Tracey and Bill Covaleski were both there singing the Victory song.
April Annie and I were kind of snazzy, so we decided to forgo the regular 15th st haunts in favor of the one and only Vault bar at the Ritz Carlton...

Here- I was a little surprised at their archaic macro menu of beers.

A nice variety of craft beer is finally turning the heads of bar managers and sommeliers at some of the city's best restaurants; XIX Oesteria, Tinto, Brasserie Perrier (although its beyond obvious what happened there), and I am sure once 10 ARTS is established, they will be doing the same. But status quo at the Ritz Carlton is Lager and Light beers. They are still pitching lager as the local little guy to naive tourists. So I decided for the first time in as long as I can remember to get a cocktail. $15 ---some pomegranate vodka jawn. Looked like a cosmo and when one of the marketing directors from Origlio came in and saw me drinking it I was beyond mortified. I never drink liquor. never. and There I was pink drink and all. April was a bit down in the dumps and we decided to commiserate (my embarrassment and her general annoyance with the week) and have a remy martin vsop. Bad got worse. When do I drink cognac? once again, never. The next day confirmed exactly why I stick to my preferred potable of glorious beer.

I had to run around all day getting ready for Quizzobowl IV. Being Ginger, Johnny Goodtimes sidekick, is hard work. no, not really.

I have to wave to a crowd, collect papers, and score them, all the while changing outfits every round. It humored me after the show when multiple people came up to me saying, "Great job Ginger." Then I made some comment about Vanna White having more duties than me with all that illuminated block turning she does. They were generous enough to bring up the point that Vanna hardly gets to talk, and I DID get to introduce johnny and announce one raffle ticket. So things are looking up, maybe for quizzobowl V I will get to announce a round or something...maybe.

The after party was at urban saloon. It was in the backroom which isolated us from some of the douchiness in the front room. But it limited our beer selections. I wasn't it the mood for a beverage anyway. The ghost of Remy still was lingering.

Sunday was the first brunch at Jose Pistolas. We are kicking things off at 11:30 and it goes till three. Two courses and unlimited margaritas and (now) mimosas for $25. You can also get a bloody mary if you want one, but as of next week they will not be unlimited. Who can drink more than two anyway?

So... It's looking like a productive week. We are going to get the Royal Weisse cans out into the market and start selling our Quad, Ichor, simultaneously. Both wonderful beers.
Tonight is the opening of Devil's Den at 11th and Ellsworth...despite a broken camera - I will give a full report tomorrow (hopefully borrowing someone else's pics).

Tomorrow is April Annies 30th....Thursday is Brooklyn, Friday is Dibruno Brothers cheese and beer pairing for Sly Fox (did you get your tickets yet?) Saturday is April's Birthday continued...maybe a run in the morning (right now my whole body is sore from wii bowling on sunday) and Sunday is the Origlio beer trade show, customer support shin dig.

Gots to go....No April Fools today. Not yet anyway.


  1. Happy birthday April Annie. I'm still waiting for that shake for those Grey Lodge fries.

  2. Steve OdabashianApril 1, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    Weekend rocked!