March 26, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a woman....

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose dream dangled in front of her four months too long...
Their original opening goal of Devil's Den (1148 S. 11th St at Ellsworth) was December, so you can only imagine how relieved they are to pour their first Schneider Aventinus next week.

Kaiser Wilhem once said, "Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world."

Looks like Scott Wallace of the Old Eagle Tavern agreed. He met his dream gal at the Cherry St. Tavern over 6 years ago. Erin loves her beer and now they are counting down the days to opening South Philly's newest steak and suds spot,
the Devil's Den.

Not inspired by Devil's Alley or Lyon's Den, its merely a tribute to a nature conservatory in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia.
The "DEVIL'S DEN" actually refers to a 600-million-year-old cave formation comprised of several layers of rock, which contain many large rooms. Formed by the collision of the Appalachian and Piedmont rock encrustations.

There are large rooms in this Devils Den as well, the largest (upstairs) is still about 6 months out.
But as of next week, you can get a beer and a bite downstairs. The chef has Caribou and the Union League on his recent resume. Their GM, Mick Halley, trickled down to south philly from the Waterworks and Moshulu prior to that.

I think he'll do just fine adjusting to his new anhydrous locale.

Joe Turrisi's menu was posted on the Clog back in January...
The carnivore in me is eagerly awaiting the
*Beer Braised Pork Belly,
*Wet Duck Sandwich and
* Jasmine Tea Pork Chop with sweet potato flan with a pineapple ginger emulsion

They will be serving a bar menu till 1 am.
And in time, will give you your beers to go, growler style.

Stop by and say Hi late next week...11th and Ellsworth.
This is now officially the closest bar to my I told them I would be their Norm (a).

Here's a preview...


  1. Looks really nice.. Aventinus on tap? That's one thing I sorely miss from Ludwigs...

  2. all the masonry and 90% of the work looks great, that is because ZTAG did it.

  3. The works looks great because Cameron Barton built it . he also built Ansil ,Xochit and Hose Pistoles all beautiful bars dont know who ztag is but he certainly didnt do the work !!

  4. well i do no cameron did build the bar and it does look great. as for ztag there the contractors who did everything but the bar and wood work and everyone knows that. they got stiffed on the final payment. hope the second inspection goes well.....

  5. Oooo...opens tomorrow!

  6. so how is the old devils den donig?? how is the business doing, i wonder