March 4, 2008

the Johsonator is gettin' old

Today's the day, Nick Johnson, troegs ambassador for better or worse enters his late twenties.
Nick is a special individual with a bad arm-breaking habit. Might be worse than his drinking I'd like to commemorate the occasion with nice pics and nicer words from the people that know him, drink with him, and love to laugh at him when he takes a tumble be it in an automobile or off a barstool...

When I asked Casey Hughes for a tribute statement, he replied "Most things Nick and i do, shouldn't be in a blog."

He did mention that he is a fan of Nick's word inventions, including "Buffoonagins."

Steve Mittens Mashington, added that

" Nick hates barstools, they're constantly throwing him off."

along with following quotes...

* "Larry, pick me up, I know this sweet spray tan place in Norristown, no need to send our skin into its permanent red stage that occurs every April."

*"I just punched Casey in the face."

*"I hate Casey Hughes, he is the devil."

*"Nick, you better not be hanging out with Casey tonight." --soon to be Mrs. Johnson

And a woman's perspective...courtesy of Jordan Walsh
Nick johnson is known for his propensity to repeatedly scream his own last name while vigorously chest-bumping anyone in sight, Nick Johnson is a legend in his own mind. But he can sell beer. (He could probably sell ice to eskimos.)

In fact, many nights he is literally a walking (ok, stumbling) advertisement for Troegs' brewery's GABF Gold Medal winning Troegenator Double Bock. As evidenced by the pic below, this past Saturday's Craft Beer fest was no exception. At least he didn't let anyone staple-gun his stomach this time. Happy 27th Birthday to one of my favorite people--or as he prefers, The Johnsonator.


  1. In honor of my big brothers birthday I thought it would be nice to write him a poem, I chose the limerick form because, much like nick Im lucky to have even got out of gradeschool and anything else is to involved.

    There was a beer rep with a gut
    Who kept breaking his arm, what a rut
    Drunk again, what a boob
    Brother pissed, smoke a doob
    Good thing we all love this crazy nut

  2. Nick Johnson - Haiku

    He eats all the wings
    Flyers, Eagles, Go Philly
    Nick loves beer and stuff