March 3, 2008

Khyber's kitchen has arrived; Phila. Brewing Co. coming soon

I went in to check out the new menu/kitchen at the Khyber last week...

*hotdogs wrapped in bacon
(which make me glad to be alive, but remind me such things end said life)

*Hand Cut fries. Khyber sauce
( a combo of mystery ingredients...but I swear I tasted beer)
*Awesome burgers.

This is no big shocker because the talented Mark Mckinney helped resurrect the kitchen.
(Royal Tavern, Cantina los Cabalitos)

Caramelized onions and cheddar topped of my meat.
Meat being only 4 oz right now, but that filled up a lass like me.

While I was there I noticed these nifty coasters preselling Philadelphia Brewing Co.
Clever. very clever.

As long as they keep up with poppin' pos like this, and the beer can match...they should be in good shape, correction-great shape....which will put my abdomen in even worse ;)

Philadelphia Brewing Company's beers will be debuting next week at the Khyber for the Bar exam. Unfortunately, I will be 60 feet away hosting my own ultimate beer trivia with Johnny Goodtimes.

Here's a snapshot of the ever-clever Nancy and Bill Barton. Another night at the Good Dog.
Sorry, No pictures of the enabler, Chris morris. If I did, they would probably be framed.
he rules.

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