March 21, 2008

Off the wagon...Split thy Skull is here

Just when you thought you ran out of gas....Philly's annual Barleywine fest is here. "Split thy Skull" is brainchild of Jim Anderson and Chris Morris (philadelphia brewing co- but you already knew that).

Every year, "Easter Eve" has a few hundred people testing high gravity beers rather than painting easter eggs....or maybe they do both. I know afterwards I am going to check out Casey Parker and the fellows of Welcome to my Face at the Khyber....Philly's glam rock metal tribute band.

All I know if last Monday I wanted nothing to do with it....and now I'm already making sure I drink enough water tonight, to feel good by 1 pm tomorrow. Ready,willing and able to split my skull.

A few barleywines to look forward to-

*the years release of Sly Fox's Ichor, an abbot style quadruple- named for the rarified element that would flow through the veins of the gods to prove they were not mortal.
*Flying Fish will pull a switch up on their "Vanilla Ice,"by taking the Apple Jack barreled grand cru they made -freezing it, then adding Vanilla bean... hmm?

The best part is you get to do flights and mini if something doesn't float your didn't waste you bucks.

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