March 14, 2008

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow-ANOTHER BUS!

Tomorrow is the Michael Jackson tribute tutored tasting all day-=-=-three sessions
1:00 3:30 and 6:00.

THEN circa 9:00 Scoats, philly's favorite Lodge Master is up to another ridiculous (the best kind of ridiculous) event -=
The IDES of March complete with crowns for all his guests

Brewers from South HAMPTON, Sly Fox, Iron Hill Dock Street, Flying Fish and YARDS will be there.....

AND WEVE got a BUS. I love a good bus...

The BUS will make two stops. One at 32nd and South to pick up those at the Michael Jackson tasting (8:15) The second will be in front of nodding head 8:35ish.

The bus will cart us to fair Mayfair and back.
I think it will run riders no more than $10.

Please email me at if you want on the bus.

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  1. To help defray the cost of the bus, The Grey Lodge will give a free soft drink or draft beer to all bus riders.