March 24, 2008

The weekend that was...Happy EASTER.

Happy Easter Monday.

I was wrong about things returning to some state of normalcy.

I was extremely productive the last few busy as ever.

* participated in a marketing research project
*submitted my first article for national print (t.hat poor editor)
* shipped Sly Fox beers off for review by DRAFT magazine
*visited a bunch of Sly Fox accounts
* made my own Beer Club business cards (make sure you ask for one next time you see me) *made QuizzoBowl Posters for Johnny Goodtimes,
*even shipped off an Easter package for dear ol' mom in Arizona.
Friday was a good time. My friend Darren was visiting from Boston, so we had happy hour at Jose's. Great crows. Moved on to Cascamorto Piano Bar to see my friend Steve O play. Awesome set, including Hulk Hogan's ring song and Guns and Rose's.."used to love her."
He told me he would learn Townshend's "Let my love open the door" for me by next week.
I told him he has two weeks because I will be at a Victory Beer and cheese Pairing at PAFA on Friday.
Then we headed to Cherry ST. Tavern. I wrote a brief blog about this bar on Friday.
I love this place. I almost wish I lived at 22nd and Cherry so it could be my local. You should go there, get a roast beef sandwich and a Seamus.

Saturday I managed to NOT split my skull... I met up with the crew around 6 at Triumph, then had pints at Brownies (one of the only bars still allowing smoking), 1601, the POPE, and back to Old City's Khyber for Casey Wayne Parker's "Welcome to my Face" show. The 80s glam rock cover band had an overwhelming amount of support, inc. Monk's own Tom Peters and Jodi.
My "stylist" was there with the rest of his get along gang.

Sunday, Easter sunday, I got some more work done, then headed to Harleysville.
My little sis is back from Ecuador - so, it was the whole family. The peanuts were as cute as ever. William is talking a bunch more. Tanner is talking as much as usual with the best vocabulary of any 2 1/2 year old out there. Here are some snapshots of the "elmo chefs."

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