March 10, 2008

Why you should come to my ULtiMate BEER trivia tonight

If I had more time, I would come up with a 101 reasons to go to my Ultimate Trivia at Triumph tonight.

The only reason not to go, is I admit- it's sort of a lame event name.

"Ultimate Trivia"does sound kind of generic doesn't it?

But that's the only thing I can come up with. And, the actual event will be the opposite. It will be most exciting. Like the excitement that ensued when the "Ultimate Warrior" would enter the wrestling ring in the early 90s.

I will be co-hosting with International man of leisure and recreation, Johnny Goodtimes, and a bunch of IPA ladies will be around.

Don't worry if you didn't make a reservation....We will be holding it downstairs.
Kicking things off at 8. There will be four rounds...The more peeps that show up...the more you win. There will be one- just one- winner from the evening that advances to Philly Beer Geek competition at Johnny Brenda's. I am also judging there's a slight chance you might get sick of me- but I'll probably buy you a beer, so...

Triumph brewers will be on hand to ask a few questions as well.
Beers are on special for $4...and they are going to pass some hors d oeuvres so everyone feels welcome. Triumph is a great spot..especially on Monday nights.
Oh, and lastly, Johnny will probably be wearing some ridiculous blazer that will make you feel better about your own wardrobe decisions.
So, see you at 8?

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