April 27, 2008

Birthday din din

Marigold Kitchen was the destination for my birthday dinner with lance romance...Just look how romantic that table scene is.
Two glasses of Saison,
a votive,
a Poached egg on top of collar greens and corn bread
and Lance, himself, in the distance wearing a button down shirt.

Dinner was a surprise. He told me to pick out the beer, we were going to a byo, and I had to meet him at 30th st. station at 8:30. Of course I got caught up playing with my new point and shoot that I didn't meet him until 9.

I had been wanting to go to this restaurant ever since it opened...so this was a delightful decision on his part.

I am not sure why it is named Marigold...through my limited research I just found out that it's a british colloquialism for a yellow glove for washing dishes. Doubt that's it;)

The owners of Marigold also own head house squares Xochitl, which I've written about and Society Hill's newest Zahav, which I will write about;)

The culinary theme of Marigold is one of southern homecooked food with a twist.
Our server despite having a bad hair day---you know when it's kind of messy, but it still looks good...was very knowledgable on the fare.

First course
Cornbread with collard greens, ham and a poached egg ( I am really into this poached egg thing apparently this week)
Lance: Grits with Shrimp

Second Course
They didn't have the scallops that I opted for, so I went chicken. I never order chicken out, but this was a great turn of events.

They pounded the chicken out and rolled it into a roulade with a cornbread stuffing (Marigold loves their cornbread). It was joined by cippiolini onions sausage and more greens. It was perfect. Best chicken I have ever had dining out.
Lance: Got hangar steak with home made mashers and these green pickled things that I will have to check on the name of and edit.

You know if lance is having dinner, dessert is ever and option.
I selected their house speciality, banana bread pudding served with coffee ice cream...
the cocoavore went with the warm chocolate cake and malt foam

And we were tuckered.
It was nice to exit the Victorian style house turned restaurant and walk a few blocks through scenic West Philly to get a cab. Well at least the part we were in was scenic. I dont' make it out to West Philly too too often, so this was overall a great pick.

Birthday hats off to Marigold Kitchen, and of course, Lance.

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