April 11, 2008

Friday...Saturday ...Sunday....

Last Friday, Dibruno's was a great time per usual.
We paired six different beers--
Ichor(quad) Saison, Rauchbier, Scotch ale, Pikeland Pils, Incubus Triple...
with cheeses....
Just when I thought the night was flawless...a guest actually brought up a great point---We should have talked about how the Antipasto plate fit in with the evening....Something so simple as a nut or piece of Serrano ham was much appreciated. It was the third criminal to the approved artery robbery.

We grabbed a stout at Jose's afterwards. The parental folk dissipated and then there was Lance and I. Lance had never been to XIX and being a block away I thought it would be a borderline injustice not to take him. Even if he despised it, Sly Fox Saison was on tap and he would learn to love it- one dry spicy sip at a time.

He wanted to use the facilities as soon as we arrived. He told me to order him a "martini."
Oh- here we go.

He had already displayed some of his signature bar stool dance moves at Jose's... What would the conical cocktail do to him?

We sipped our sips, enjoyed conversation with the bar tender and headed home.
The only disappointing factor was the music.

Way too Delaware Avenue for the Avenue of the Arts.

I had a wait staff training at Ruths Chris Steakhouse in King of Prussia that went over well. There is a lot more to the story than that.. you can ask me over our next beer.
Wonderful folks....and It's really important that high end restaurants are catching on to what we are trying to do (or what we've been doing since Fritz Maytag started this way back when...)

Following steak and suds I would then Shop. I hate shopping. I really do. Maybe one day if I sell enough beer I can have someone shop for me. I just don't have the time or patience for it.
Does money= time + patience? hmm....

But I had to shop for some new threads for my best friend's birthday.
The one and only April Annie was entering her third decade and I had too look my best. My best ended up being only the 3rd most hefferific (spell check just tried to get me on this- apparently it's not in the glossary yet) gal in the room. This welcome into cougarville took place at the G lounge. I was dreading it. The only thing propelling me to go was to see in April in her cougar gear...But- upon being informed of Chimay and Lachouffe on the menu from Jim Wiggins, I thought it would be bearable...Nope.

Server had no clue what I was talking about...and apparently the only words in his vocabulary were Moet and Vuuve. I nodded to both and kept their company the remainder of the evening...only to briefly pay attention to cheese steak spring rolls and crab cake sliders.

I was way too busy shoving the aforementioned into my heffer face to display my not so fancy footwork. I managed to walk out onto 17th and chestnut having not embarrassed myself on the Dance floor once....But alas, the skinnier got skinnier and the heffer got...

Sunday was the Origlio Trade Show. I was very impressed. And its sorta kinda hard to "turn my head, to make me sit back and think wow....I couldn't have done this any better." The color play of royal blue and gold was royalty and every guest was treated as such. Jimmy Duffy was the caterer and I wanted to shake his hand.

One could see brands from Boones (Strawberry Fields) to Coors to Allagash come together in one room for four hours.

Rob Todd and Tim Surprise manned their own booths! As did Brian O'Reilly and Tim Ohst from Sly Fox. It had a beer festival feel...but how often do you see the brewers behind the booth at a fest? Never ever ever. Maybe at Iron Hill's Media Fest...definitely at Nodding Head's Royal Stumble--but not too often...

This was different. And different really was good.
Until the PLCB was called by an "anonymous" tattle.
Which is a shame. The damper of all dampers.
It was a great opportunity for Distributors, Taverns and Breweries to spend some time sippin' bevs and shaking hands. They were fined for enticement. I really don't think this was enticement.
I think "buying new draft systems" and having one representation on with a six month commitment is enticement....but what do I know?

Afterwards- i went to the one and only Hulmeville Inn. It's a mere 20 minutes away from Origlio. This is one of those bars that someone brought to my attention and Couldn't believe that I hadn't been to... so I went.

They had Seamus Red on tap as well as Dogfish Aprihop, Chimay, and others.

I was there a just about ten minutes when "Amazed" from Lonestar came on. I knew that couldn't be the soundtrack to my time at Hulmeville Inn. I was way too sober (not that a couple of beers would have made me like the song any more) and I needed to stop it.
I approached the juke but couldn't put my money in and select songs with my Seamus in my hand. I politely asked the gents at the table if I could rest my pint on there table.

they were more than happy. Little did I know I was just about to meet
the Mayor and the Fire Chief of Langhorne. Go figure. We had a great time. Chatted brews and blaze. Hit Belgian Cafe on my way back in. Lance and I shared a 2001 Le Coq Imperial Extra Double Stout.

It almost tasted like it was meant to be oak aged but it wasn't. It had a sourness to it that didn't agree with me. But then again I don't think anything would have agreed with me except goose down pillows at that point.

The rewind on the unwind to be continued.....

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  1. How I miss the Humeville. We used to close that place down every weekend. I need to get back there soon