April 12, 2008

Friday...Saturday ...Sunday....part II

The rest of the week flew by....new Sly Fox prospects, good bites and a really nice late night bike ride.

On Thursday night, I had to get some Ichor stickers dropped off at Race st. April Annie lives a mere block away so I thought it would be the perfect meet up spot. There are two seats and the end of the bar and I take one of them. No sign of her or Casey (her partner in crime at the moment- and ever a criminal on his own). It was the 2008 debut of the purple thunder, my rock hopper courtesy of Lance. I rode from my house sorta kinda by the Italian Market to there. I def needed a water, then thought a stone IPA would hit the spot. And it did. Unfortunately though, Casey and April were on the roof deck at Standard Tap. I had 3/4 of a beer in front of me when this news was presented.

This young lad from El Salvador sat down next to me. Antonio. Which was kismit because I was working on a freelance project involving latinos. Antonio was more than happy to be interviewed. He told me he used to drink corona light all the time- but now its a lot of yuengling and magic hat. I reach into pay for my beer and realize my wallet is in my sales bag. How mortifying. So Andy from race st. kindly bought me my beer.

Eventually, I rode on over to standard tap. I passed a crowded N. 3rd. sidewalk, everyone had a bit of spring fever I guess only cured by some good beers.

I had a saison or two with April and Casey, a slice of pizza from Rustica next door. Ran into a friend Then had one more saison. Now instead of just owing Andy a beer, I owe two other people too.

Then back home. It was a beautiful night for a ride as i raced down Broad street, not trying to get home to soon, but went so fast with that perfect breeze in my face only to be stopped by almost riding into the back of a burgundy corolla.

Friday was good. I visted Drafting room Springhouse. They were getting ready to do their monthly? firkin. They had a bitter on from Brooklyn. Next month I think he's doing nugget nectar. Steven, the GM, gave me a sample of the Brooklyn. It tasted a little underattenuated, but it wasn't bad.

On to the Ye Old Ale House in Lafayette Hill. They devote at least 6 taps to craft beer even though the majority of their audience coming in still is getting their "usual." The owner, Chris, is a great guy, and they do the beef behind the bar just like Cherry St.

Mcmenamins was my next stop. I was there earlier in the week too, when they had a wait for the dining room on a Tuesday night. Good for them. I am hoping they take sly fox back into rotation soon. I know they switch it up a bunch. I had a nugget nectar while I was there and shared a bottle of Dogfish Black Blue with my new friends Kyle and Damien. They were pretty funny. Damien just got a job working with Cavtel, selling communication technologies and Kyle is pretty high up in a pharma company. Damien was trying to sell phone service to Kyle and kyle was humoring him...but don't see that deal going down anytime soon. Paul Rutherford will probably stay on a bar stool all night first.

I took a nap then met up with Lance at Devil's Den. Despite my fatigue this was a pretty pleasant experience. The place was pretty packed, but there were two seats at the bar.
Sat down ordered chorizo and mussels and a a Goliath Triple which was very nice.
The mussels were great. The fries were slightly undercooked, just like I like em'.
We finished up sharing a NorthCoast organic Cru d'Or. a Belgian Style Dubbel. I thought it was pretty good. Maybe one of the best organic beers I have had. I've never been overwhelmed by the Peak stuff.

Saturday breakfast was at Carman's...Lance's favorite.
It was great, and I was able to talk to yet another latino about my beer project. He told me that one of the most popular beers in Puerto Rico is called medalla light (medalla is medal in spanish). But he said even more popular than that is Coor Lite.

I dropped Lance off at the airport (not before he would've locked his keys in his car and had to drive mine to his house to get them...)
and headed to a mini charity beer festival at the Public House in support of the Ronald McDonald house. I thought it was a great cause. with less then three hundred people there they raised over $30,000 dollars. I think that's a much better use of money then town street lamps.

Headed to Dock st. for some pizza and a saison. The saison was good but a bit darker than I am used to...I'll have to ask the guys about that next time I see them. I got a call from Johnny Goodtimes while I was there reminding me about the Rock Paper Scissors movie playing that night at the International House. Perfect! I was already west of the walnut st. bridge. I had jenny hobbs in tow- My Origlio brand manager kindly took us to the Best House to get some beers and we headed over. There were 3 films being showed. One detailing peoples obsession with the Rocky Statue, one about Frankie the 13th and Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors league and finally one about philly's other obsession, the cheesesteak. All were well done. I had a brief cameo in the RPS one....but my favorite was probably "This is my Cheesesteak." In addition to having a great soundtrack...and detailed historical information about all of Philly's most loved grease purveyors, it had a song from Tony Luke Jr. himself singing in his kitchen. The movie concluded with a picture of all the steak giants of Philly in one room and on time. Rumor has it that Joey Vento showed up last...

A percentage of DVD and teeshirt sales went to Breast Cancer Research in honor of Filmmaker Ben Daniels mom, who was recently diagnosed.

Then off to Dark Horse for Jim Wiggins 30th b day. I got to see Jim Meiers play electric guitar which was great. I drank a smithwicks. Which was - a smithwicks. If my car wasn't towed, it would have been a good time. When you car is half way in a spot, and half way out and the sign says "No stopping past this point." you should consider other alternatives.

Okay, time to do taxes.
A couple of reminders

-Sly Fox Goat Races- Sunday May 4...if you want on the bus leaving from Philly...email jennie@profilepr.com. The event goes from 12-6. Races starts at 2.

-Attention women-April 23rd we have a special meeting at Bella Vista bev complete with beers and cheese. Learn a bit about what goes on in the beer business...then off to Devils Den a few blocks away.
-April 24....some lass is turning 30. come celebrate at Jose Pistolas. The kind and full of character Rick Suarez of Unibroue will be coming down from New York to celebrate and talk beer. It's going to be like a cocktail party....With BEER! All you can drink/eat for $30.
email me beerlass@gmail.com if you can come;)
-April 26 Manayunk Beer Fest


  1. I wonder what lass that might be who is turning 30? Mr. Rick Sauarez hosting this "Birthday Party" can only spell trouble for everybodys liver and brain function. But you only turn 30 once or twice right?

  2. I think that's a much better use of money then town street lamps.

    More brewers need to say this (because I think a lot of them think it).

  3. Rebecca...from i.p.a. the other nightApril 24, 2008 at 9:31 PM

    Jim Meiers plays electric guitar???

  4. when does one need to reserve a spot on the Sly Fox bus by? I'm not even sure I'll be able to get off work (requested off) or need a ride, but I'd like to keep my options open.