April 10, 2008

Hiatus is over/ spring HOPFEST

greetings readers.....This dramatic pause in writing is multi-reasoned...too busy, no camera, etc...

But I got a little poke today from Casey when he said that I should really put something new up before I lose "faithful readers"--wait---I have faithful readers?

So I will... in a bit. ..
I'll talk about-
* our dibruno's cheese and beer pairing
*Lance's martini at XiX
*Origlio's Trade Show
*My trip to Hulmeville Inn
*April Annies birthday "g lounge" style
*A recent visit to Teresa's Next Door
and More
Make sure you check out
Saturday, THe Spring HOPFEST at the Drafting Room Spring house
Tapping 12 till they're G o n e .


  1. Yes, I'm a junkie. JUNKIE!!!!!

    What's Haitus? Is that like you Hate Us? Or do you dream of visiting Haiti? Maybe you were referring to the collective populous of Haiti?

    Nick Johnson Rules.

  2. i read lew bryson then i read yo u daily