May 8, 2008

And I'm just NOW finding out about this...

I thought I discovered something new the other evening at a dive bar in Fairmount called Krupas. I had heard nothing mentioned about this packaging...I was very curious.

Krupas, in the same vein as the Triangle Tavern, presents the opportunity to downscale your drink from the norm. When in these watering holes, I order Miller High Life. Yep.

Many in the craft community would choose Yuengling, maybe a well drink? But not I.

Steve Winwood plays in my head and I go for the sweet effervescence of a miller high life.

But I usually see the clear bottles.
Last Saturday night, I found orange and black cans. Halloween motif?
I was rather excited..thought it was vintage packaging of some sort, trying to stay neck and neck with PBR for the hipster thumbs up.

But then I went on Beer Advocate and found this...
So I guess these are left over from the Hunting Campaign of the fall of 2007. I had no idea..
It's actually kind of cool though, because Miller donates "Proceeds from the sale of the hunting-themed packaging to Whitetails Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Someone's gotta look out for the Pheasants!

I'll leave you with Grammy Winner in 1986 Mr. Winwood himself. Long Live the Mullet.


  1. Had I known that it was affiliated with the National Wild Turkey foundation, we would have been doing shots of Wild Turkey! With of course the obligatory EZ Cheese Spray in a can.

  2. Hah, I can't picture you in Triangles at all! Actually, that's one of my little brother's favorite spots - we watched the flyers victory from there Saturday, while I had some PBR bottles.. but afterwards you'll be happy to know we were [over-] indulging in O'Reilly Stout at p.o.p.e... :)