May 13, 2008

Antioxidants and Alcohol: the Eradication of Liver Cancer at 13th and Drury

It was quite the switch up heading from Port Richmond's bars to Midtown Village's newest loungy nightspot.

Apothecary is still not in full bloom as the second floor and roof deck have yet to open, but it's definitely sprouted up, green and glowing at 13th and drury.

I was there just about 4 minutes before I accidentally stole someone's seat. That someone being Adam, the nice guy behind the RUMbar at 20th and Walnut. He was happy to let me borrow his seat. The seat itself was silver and very lightweight. We had a little bit of a debate as to whether or not they were comfortable. I thought they were, but most people were actually standing.

I might attribute that to the bar area being slightly on the smaller side, that if groups of friends went they might not be able to all hang out together, so many elected to stand.

The cocktail list made me dizzy, but with all the "botanicals" and goodness via jar they could put into your drinks it made me no longer regret not taking my three vitamins that morning.

Gogi Berries, sage, beet juice, aloe vera, muddles cucumber, and on and on.

No soda gun, no commercial mixes. Welcome to the art of mixology.

Painted for you by the Tipling brothers, Paul Tanguay and Tad Carducci, whom were consultants on the project and Bruno Pouget.

I feel like each individual drinks has it's own garnish. And they were soooooooooooooooooooo
delicious. although they do have a decent beer selection I stayed on the cocktail course.
A few of the fellas in my company got one of their three bottled cocktails. I believe it had a sake it wasn't for me. I always try different sakes just to make sure I still don't care for them. But have yet to find one I like.

The drafts had five or six styles represented with the absence of local craft (intentional). The only American Craft beer on draft was Flying dog Gonzo Imperial Porter. Can't argue that.

Other drafts included:


*Old Speckled Hen
:this is just weird

The bartenders were dressed for the part, wearing vests with dress shirts underneath. It was dressy yet funky. The two I spoke with had bar experience at Continental and Latest Dish.
For as detailed as the drinks were they were delivered at a reasonable time and placed on top of a napkin/coaster marked with the Pharmacy symbol.

Their food menu was quite simple with a few different flatbreads.
We also had tuna springrolls and lettuce wraps complete with chow mein noodles at Poznu dipping sauce.
So it's got a little kitsch, okay a lot of kitsch, but it's done a lot cleaner and smarter than some other things I've seen around lately.

You'll see verbiage thrown around like remedy, and prescription, but it's not as bothersome I would have thought.

Bathrooms have communal sinks and unscented soaps to make sure no alien scents interfere with your tasting experience of their bontanicals.

The lounge has had Philadelphia's first cold draft ice machine installed. What that means is cubes stay colder 40% longer.

The sign outside is as understated as one would be in Amsterdam.

The cocktails are as much of a statement as they are in what once called New Amsterdam, our northern neighbors of New York City.

But what's already become the cliche common conversation brings up one of my favorite spots in the city, Southwark.

Good Grief says Charlie Brown. It's the apples and orange thing.
Both great in their own way...don't compare.
Go see Kip and learn more about rye whiskey than you ever thought you might.
or go to apothecary where the apples are granny smith and the oranges are burnt.
In a good way.

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