May 23, 2008

Bridge St. Tasting Series to kick off June 5th

Hey this in my inbox today from Joel of the

Grainbill Blog....

He is starting the Bridge St. Tasting Series on June 5th* in Phoenixville....
(hmm...what else is in Phoenixville;)

Joel will be conducting tastings at a variety of local businesses kicking things off at Earthmart on Bridge Street (in between Wolfgang Books and The Colonial Theater) we'll be tasting organic beers from Peak Organics and Wolaver's. A taster glass is $3 and you can taste until your heart's content or from 6-9.

He writes, "Earthmart is more than meets the eye, while they offer a great variety of handmade products from kitchen utensils to glassware as well as organic and fair trade food and drink, Earthmart can help you turn your home into a center of energy and resource conservation. From sinks and flue-less fireplaces (which are really awesome) to solar fans for your attic. Where else can you get a veggie burrito and an environmentally safe fireplace in one stop?"

Peak Organic ales is actually sending a rep, and apparently Joel will be "humming symphonies and juggling toy cars" as he pours fine organic products.

There's also speak of an "after gathering" at Iron Hill or Sly Fox

*Also occurring June 5th:

I Have Jury Duty

My Brother Mike turns 32.

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