May 28, 2008

Brunch at JBs, Greensgrow and a Saturday in the Park

*Lance and I met up for brunch at Johnny Brenda's.... I had just written a little blurb about the outdoor can't spread the word, if you don't live it, right?

It was really nice...some interesting people watching on Girard ave...
They've gone to a print menu to avoid any chalkboard confusion. Lance got Sausage, Gravy and Biscuits...I opted for a Fritatta with bacon, cheddar, spinach and carmelized onions...

The brunch chef had sent out all sorts of extra goodies for us...Whiskey doughnuts, Sticky Buns and Fresh strawberries with whip cream and lady fingers....

We then moved on to Greensgrow, the urban farm which has gotten much press in their 10th year. Lance needed to snazz up his bourbon barrel planter for the 2008 summer season. We got a nice array that needed only partial sun. Then we toasted the new plants at the neighboring Memphis Taproom. Afterall, I hadn't been there in at least 9 days. They had the Phoenix Pale Ale on the handpump. So very drinkable. Spanky was happy with the way it was pouring. We chatted with him about some potential Taproom events...He's a creative one that Spanky...stay tuned.

We head back to Fairmount to plant when an unexpected car dilemma comes up.
My car window won't go up...just one more problem for the "suzaru."
I've already been having trouble with the axles.
We tape up the window, leaving no time to plant, only time to ride out to the Wissahickon Area of Fairmount park.

We rode just about 12 miles.

That was nice, we made it back before dark with a quick snack of wings Billy Murphy's Irish Saloon in East Falls. Craft beer was extremely limited there- with the only options being a year old Yards IPA or anchor steam. We went for the vintage Yards.

We biked back and grabbed a glass of Cline Zinfandel at Illuminare. It's actually the first glass of wine I've had in months. Lance got a meatball sandwich. I ordered some Calamari, which I rarely order since I overdosed on the mollusk somewhere between 2002 and 2005.

Illuminare just added a new copper bar that sits about 10 and also has hired a new bar manager, Brittany, who is currently working on expanding the beer list. She's pretty funny and a good addition for a place that's already got great pizza. Hopefully she can help fill seats with people to eat it.

Hopefully there will be many more Saturdays in the Park this Summer...Just in case you haven't seen it in a while...gotta love Chicago. 1972.

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