May 2, 2008

From romance novel cover boy to dutch boy...lance loses his hair

I've been dating lance since January of 2007. Great guy as many of you know....
Great guy...bad hair. (although some women did like it)

He was growing it for locks of love. Everytime I told him to cut it...he said I would be stealing from sick little children. So he hadn't cut it for two was longer than mine and it was just w e i r d .

So you can imagine my delight when he told me WMMR (rocks) was having a Lock of Love day with Kathy, preston and Steve. He's a fan of the show and has been a guest a few times.

Finally he would get his hair cut and in the company of fine radio folk.

His "appointment" was for 9:30. We show up and there are all sorts there...
From guys that looked like regulars at the Dolphin tavern to a seven year old darling...that helped out a peer.

Sponsoring salons including Ground Zero and Gravity.
All the stylists that were donating their time were hotties.
I asked Lance if he wanted the J.Lo or Cameron Diaz clone?
He wasn't sure...but he was hoping for a back scratch to boot.

But he ended up with the only male stylist, Joe.
Joe told me that he would look like a hot country singer when he was done with him.

Great...I was going to be dating a Keith urban look alike...well I guess if its good enough for Nicole's good enough for me.

I laughed non stop for 30 minutes...Here's the play by play.


He looks kind of drunk in this one...

The "aftershot" (I am so happy- dutch boy is way better than romance novel coverboy)


  1. love the cut! What a great cause!