May 28, 2008

Go on and get yourself some Jasper - Bars that bocked it up this month

I thought everyone (whomever you are) would like to know where the Sly Fox Jasper Maibock from the Bockfest has landed outside the brewpub.

It's extremely limited and there's no guarantee that the liquid will still be pouring when you arrive.

here's the lineup

*Good Dog- 15th st. between Walnut and Locust- you're drinking a seasonal beer, why not try some of their new seasonal item menus with it...(might kick today)

*The Belgian Cafe- 21st and Green
*Standard Tap- 2nd and Poplar
*Johnny Brenda's- Frankford and Girard (definitely not tapped yet)
*The Grey Lodge- Frankford Ave. in Mayfair.
*South Philly Tap Room- Def. not tapped yet
*Le Virtu- You know that great Italian restaurant about three blocks south of Cantina on Passayunk that you haven't been to yet but have been meaning to go to because the courtyard looks so charming and you heard they have a kickass bartender named Rocco> Yeah, that place...
*DRaFting RooM's- Both in Springhouse and Exton- Def. not tapped yet.

You can also drink some of the other limited Bock Beers at
*The Khyber-instigator (will kick soon)
*Devil's Den- instigator, hellesbock (Instigator pouring now)
*South Philly Tap Room- Helles Bock and eventually Instigator
*Race St. Cafe- Helles Bock
*Flying Pig
*TJ's Everyday

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  1. I stopped by Johnny Brenda's last night and they still hadn't tapped it. They did have Stoudts Maibock however(and Sly Fox Ichor)